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There Is A Lot More Going On In These 16 Pictures Than It Seemed Initially

Image Source: Reddit

There is no need for a situation to be extraordinary in order for it to take an unexpected turn. Life proves to become more intriguing when you least expect it. Sometimes you might think that everything is going the way you expected, but you have no clue that you are about to get more than you bargained for! Some of these situations are actually interesting and curious.

Of course, nobody likes bad surprises! However, when the circumstances change, you need to react or at least share what happened, because in some cases the situations are more than funny.

1. This is quite a dilemma, actually

Image Source: Twitter

People always tend to think of a certain job as an easy task until they need to tackle it themselves. This is when they realize how easy it is to underestimate something. This girl probably had the same idea. She decided to babysit for the first time without putting much thought about the responsibilities involved. This is why she was in need of assistance sooner than expected.

2. There is no technological breakthrough here

Image Source: Instagram

Sometimes people lack the knowledge needed in order to explain a certain event, so they start making assumptions. This is completely wrong in most cases. However, we could not blame them because the circumstances might be deceiving. It is easy to be convinced about something that is physically impossible. The case with this device is a nice example. The fact that it actually began to indicate that it was charging was probably a malfunction, because it is impossible to charge by itself.

3. These are the ways of the modern world

Image Source: Instagram

If someone could magically teleport from the 50s, that person would consider our world to be completely mad. This is not that far from the truth. This photo can serve as proof of that, because it is something that has no rational explanation. It seems that the owner of this Smart car likes to use it as a protective case when crossing the road. Of course, it is a clear violation, because it is not a vehicle, but a bicycle!

4. This selfie has more than just dope hairstyles in it

Image Source: Reddit

Well, we need to admit that sometimes timing is everything. This selfie shows the reason why. These people wanted to show off their hairstyles, which are cool but also a bit controversial. However, this is not the point here. Just check out the person in the back! He seems to be speeding down on his bike in the most unusual pose. Maybe he was tired of pedaling and decided to take a break while going downhill.

5. Imagine how many people were scared by this

Image Source: Instagram

Sometimes the best pranks require a lot of effort and planning. In most cases it is worth it, because a lot of people fall for the cleverly designed plots. However, sometimes the idea is nothing compared to the circumstances. This is exactly what happened here. Someone probably saw this rock and immediately saw its potential, and after some skillful painting it was turned into this!

6. You need to be careful when you are communicating with wild creatures in the open

Image Source: Reddit

This lady probably found the hard way that animals in nature are not always as friendly as they seem. This includes dolphins, obviously. We are all used to seeing them in aquariums, but the artificial surroundings have nothing in common with their natural habitat. This is why of you decide to make some wild friends, you need to play it safe or don’t attempt it at all.

7. Parking fails are always amusing to see

Image Source: Reddit

Well, we feel a bit sorry for this woman, to be honest. However, the bottom line is that she obviously caused the accident herself! She also damaged another person’s vehicle in the process, not to mention destroying her door. She attempted a rather strange maneuver, and the result is clearly visible. What is funny about the photo is that one of the signs on the shop behind the parked cars says ‘art for everyone’. We think that there should have been a second one saying that parking was not for everyone.

8. This does not work the way it does in cartoons

Image Source: Reddit

We have all seen this being attempted by a number of different characters in many cartoons, animated movies or romantic productions, but as you can see, it does not go in such a smooth way in real life. These fountains are actually quite powerful, and it doesn’t take much for some of them to pick a child up and even cause injuries, which is why you need to be extra careful around these.

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9. This is not what you want to see in the middle of the road at night

Image Source: Reddit

Someone was just cruising down a quiet road in the middles of the night. We guess that it was a lot of fun until this happened! Nobody would probably like to be in that situation, and we understand why. It someone fails to spot this huge animal, the consequences would be absolutely devastating. However, just looking at it like this is more than scary! Not to mention that every car would be easily mangled into bits by this beast.

10. You need to have priorities in life

Image Source: Instagram

Flash floods are one of the worst natural disasters. They often cause a lot of casualties and damage. This is very unfortunate, but it is inevitable to lose the battle against nature in some cases. However, the right way to cope with the disaster is to show some attitude! After all, if you surrender, there will be nobody there to help you. These guys decided to finish their pints regardless of the conditions outside, and nobody expected that for sure.

11. This is why you need a gym trainer

Image Source: Reddit

When it comes to learning something new, your best option is to find someone who already knows it in detail. Such a person would have what it takes to transfer that knowledge to you. If you decide to tackle the challenge on your own, the end result may be similar to the one you see on this photo. This person thought that everything would be easy in the gym, but not knowing what to do may be dangerous.

12. Well, this was an unexpected turn of events

Image Source: Instagram

Some would say that this guy simply pointed out the obvious, but there is more than that here. The way that the request was written probably provoked this person to caption the photo in a hilarious way! Of course, the police are trying to find the identity of the man behind the mask. However, the clever trolling was probably not expected by anyone, and we like it. We hope that they eventually found out who the guy wearing the mask really was.

13. The moment when disaster struck was captured here

Image Source: Instagram

Some people need to learn that they have to play it safe when in a drunken state. It seems that they always do the complete opposite! It is all in the name of having some fun and games, of course. While in some cases nothing goes wrong, in other situations things can spiral out of control very fast. You can see how accidents that nobody expected can happen in a blink of an eye. We guess that nobody got seriously injured here! And we are certain that these men probably continued partying.

14. This bed is a bit controversial, we guess

Image Source: Instagram

This bed may seem to be a nice idea according to some people. Of course, this is only in case they actually know where the glow is coming from. Having this under your bed and not knowing where it comes from is definitely not okay! We like how one user captioned the photo. It really looks like there is a fire underneath, but it seems eerie blurred. This actually makes it look creepier! We guess that someone just put a few strips of LEDs underneath to achieve this effect.

15. This one is not real, but it is hilarious

Image Source: Instagram

We all know where this image is from. This particular car has not been used for Uber services, but we love the caption! OF course, it is clearly a metaphor. The reason for this to exist is that there are drivers that can literally make you feel like you are riding forever! In these moments you feel like you went far from your desired destination. This happens often, so most of us can relate. We even think that some cabbies and Uber drivers can adopt the words on the dashboard display of this Tesla.

16. Here is another reminder that you should be careful with wild animals

Image Source: Reddit

This person probably has a story to tell, but we don’t know it. This is why we will have to settle with assumptions. First of all it is clear to see that it could have been a lot worse than it already is. The puzzling part about the whole thing is that his facial expression shows no surprise at all! He probably knew what he was getting himself into, but he obviously did it anyway.

Written by Nick Martin

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