There Was A Pregnant Woman Whose Body Rejected Her Unborn Babies

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This woman’s body has rejected her own flesh and blood – her own unborn babies!
It’s usual for our body to reject unsuitable organs from donors or blood from different blood type than ours. However, this woman’s problem didn’t originate from transplanted organs.

Alyse, a mother of two, has experienced quite some trouble while being pregnant with a set of twins, because her own body was rejecting her own flesh and blood. Alyse was really excited when she got pregnant, because she already had two little daughters, but she and her partner wanted more kids. Unfortunately, shortly after she became pregnant the woman started experiencing nasty itching all over her hands, which eventually spread throughout her whole body. She tried to suppress the pink rash that broke out all over her skin, even though the pain and the itching made her extremely uncomfortable in her own skin. The rash even strained her relationship with her daughters, because she couldn’t hold or hug them without feeling uneasy.

She eventually decided to seek medical help around six weeks after the rash and the itching started. The doctors diagnosed her with Pyoderma Gangrenosum – an extremely rare skin condition, which basically made her somewhat allergic to her own unborn babies. Her body was somehow rejecting her own flesh and blood and was breaking out.

Alyse’s skin was covered in itchy rashes and painful blisters and she eventually had to be hospitalized, because her condition worsened. Fortunately, both of her babies were born healthy and didn’t have any Pyoderma Gangrenosum signs on their skin. Alyse’s story was covered by the media and shown on TLC’s My Extraordinary Pregnancy.

According to official reports, the Pyoderma Gangrenosum condition is known to affect around one in every 50,000 pregnant women. It can cause lots of complications and further diseases. Fortunately, it didn’t happen with Alyse, who claims she’s happy with her four children and doesn’t want more kids.

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