There’s An App That Automatically Sends Lovely Texts To Your Gf While You Are Out With Your Pals

With BroApp juggling between your love life and your friends has never been so easy.

BroApp is a smart application developed for Android, which basically keeps your relationship going steady even if you don’t have time for your girlfriend. The smart app is sending sweet texts to your partner whenever you’re out with your pals for a drink or on a game night.

All you have to do is pre-write the text message and set the right time. The app will do the rest by making your girlfriend smile at the thought of you thinking about her, while in reality you’re actually having fun with your friends. The application has some extremely useful features. For example, it detects if you’re in your partner’s home via connecting with her Wi-Fi and it cancels all automated messages at the moment.

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Furthermore, if your girlfriend tries to access the BroApp on your phone, it will automatically send her a whole list of would-be gifts from you, so her surprise would be even bigger.
The BroApp can be downloaded from the Android Play Store

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