These 11 Grandparents Are Both Funny And Savage

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Having a sense of humor combined with decades of experience proves to be a really nice combination, and these people prove it. Elderly people are wise and generous in most cases, but that does not mean that they couldn’t be sassy at the same time. More than often the result is a variety of funny jokes and pranks that nobody probably expected, and having savage grandparents like in the examples below is really a blessing.
Enjoy these photos and have a few laughs!

1. This grandma roasted the poor girl with the help of granddad

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When you want to show off your new style to your grandma, you obviously should think twice sometimes, as this example suggests. The grandma really roasted the girl and even included grandpa in it, which makes her an absolute savage.

2. Granny still loves you

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This is quite some burn! Some of these elderly jokers really have no chill, as you can see for yourself. The hard part is not just accepting the roast, but also the fact that you just cannot get mad at your grandmother, because it’s just not right.

3. Sometimes people ask for it

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Well, if you know that there are certain topics about which your grandma is particularly sensitive, then maybe you should not bring them up. If you happen to do it, you’ll just face the consequences, and this girl immediately felt the burn from her grandma.

4. Roasting your granddaughter with style

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What seems like a sweet congratulations post from a grandma to her precious granddaughter is actually a clever roast in disguise. Of course, nobody thinks that the material for the dress was not enough, and we immediately got the message – grandma simply disapproved of that dress.

5. Being savage may just happen to be who you are

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Some people do their best to appear savage when they mock someone or make fun of them, but others look like they are like that all the time and this granddad is no exception. His reaction to the newest family member is brilliant; he probably already has a bunch of kids and grandkids, so why should he be excited about one more, right?

6. This is the best gift prank ever

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As we mentioned earlier, the elderly have a lot more experience and wisdom than as, and they could easily use them to troll their offspring. In this case, one grandma savagely trolled her grandchild, and we could only imagine the reactions. This is absolutely brilliant and we hope to be just as witty as this grandma when we become grandparents ourselves.

7. Grandma really doesn’t fool around

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This is as savage as grandparents can get. Finding a ‘replacement grandson’ and sending it to her real one is the finest type of trolling you would probably see today. And just look at that cheeky smile grandma has on her face – her expression means that she knows she won this time.

8. Is it possible that grandma does not approve that relationship?

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Of all the things you would expect as comments from your family, this was probably the last one, and grandma even hit the Caps Lock before commenting! There must be a reason for this reaction, as we believe that she does not hold any real grudges against these two youngsters’ relationship, yet she trolled them like a boss.

9. Grandma was probably on a roll

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We have all been there – after doing something dangerous or forbidden some scolding and even spanking from grandma usually followed. However, it is hard to do something about it, since there really is nobody to complain to, because she probably spanked and scolded one of your parents, too. It seems like standing against your grandma is a very tough thing to do.

10. Technology empowers the elderly to be savage on more ways than one

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It seems that Green Giant is not so big anymore! Grandma Jo Ann did not hesitate to point out straight to the problem, and she seems even more delighted that her comment was taken into account. Grandma strikes again!

11. Think the elderly are boring? Think again

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This super cool grandma rocks the perfect gangster look! Just look at those dope shoes! We don’t know if she adopted this look just to mock her grandchild, but it suits her well and we wish more senior people would go for that fresh style.

Written by Nick Martin

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