These 13 Car Hacks You Definitely Didn’t Know Will Make Your Life Easier

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Many of us require a car in order to do things like shop and travel to our place of employment. In several parts of the world, especially in the United States, they are a necessary evil. Sure, driving can be a lot of fun under the right circumstances, but maintaining a car is a giant pain—and a costly one.

There are tips and tricks that make car ownership a bit easier and a lot more fun, though. Here are 13 great tips.

1. Always Have Money For Tolls

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Not having change on hand when you need to pay a highway toll is a frustration most drivers have experienced at one point or another. All you need to do is find a little plastic tube like the one in the image and keep coins in it. If you do that, and you are careful to refill it regularly, you will never have to worry again.

2. Store Your Stuff In a Shower Caddy

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When you are going on a road trip, having a place to store your food and your beverages can be a challenge. However, if you pick up a shower caddy, you can store your snacks in it. They’re available for purchase practically everywhere, so it should not be hard to find one.
You definitely don’t want to spill your soft drink all over your upholstery, so consider buying one.

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You can also use a shower caddy to store the fluids you need for your car in your trunk. You definitely do not want to lose track of those, as you never really know when an emergency could happen.

3. Your Beverages Might Fit In a Muffin Tin

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As we just mentioned, you do not want to spill your soft drink all over your leather seats or upholstery. Sometimes a person is called upon to purchase multiple drinks for family and/or friends, so it is always a good idea to keep a muffin tin in one’s vehicle. It makes transporting numerous beverages far easier.

4. Cash On Hand

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It is never a good idea to be without cash, and sometimes you need to have bills as well as coins on hand. If you want to keep a small amount of money in your car, a gum container like the one in the image is a wonderful idea. You never know when you will encounter something that you want to purchase, and it is always disappointing when you do not have the cash on hand to buy it.

5. Change Up Your Dash Display With Post-It Notes

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The interior of most models of cars look very similar, especially these days; there are minor differences, sure, but sometimes you want your car to reflect who you are as a person.

If you are the artistic sort, it is easy enough to use post-it notes to add a bit of decoration to your dash. You will have to be patient, but you will manage.

6. Fix The Foggy Headlights With A Common Product or Two

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You can actually use toothpaste to instantly clean off a headlight that is a bit foggy, and it tends to do a great job. It is best if you use the sort of toothpaste that contains baking soda due to its coarse texture.

7. The Arrow Next to the Gas Icon

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A lot of us have been driving for well over a decade and did not know that the arrow next to the gas icon actually points to the side of the car where the gas tank is. You would think driving schools would teach this, but they apparently do not. If you are driving a car you do not regularly drive, this is definitely a helpful tip.

8. Save Your Mirrors From Ice Using a Plastic Bag

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Snow and ice storms are at their most obnoxious when you have to clean off your car. Fortunately, you can prevent having to scrape ice off a rearview mirror. All you need are rubber bands and a plastic bag. Just secure the bag to your mirrors using the rubber band, and cleaning off the car after a storm will be a little less obnoxious of a task.

9. Hide Your Stereo

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You can actually use a normal DVD case to hide your car’s stereo, which makes it a lot less likely that any thief will break into your car. All you will need is one DVD case and an implement with which you can cut that case.

10. A Good Way To Clean Up Dog Hair

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Dogs are great and all, but they can make quite the mess. In particular, most breeds shed, and many of them shed a lot. If your car is looking filthy because of dog hair, you can use a rubber squeegee and a spray bottle of water to easily clean it up.

11. Secure Your Phone Using a Common Household Item

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You really do not need to buy anything fancy if you want to secure your phone to a vehicle’s dashboard. All you really need is a rubber band. If you need to talk on the phone when you drive, or if you need to use the phone’s GPS function, this is a very helpful tip.

12. Entertain Your Children

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Children get bored easily, and you do not always want them staring at a screen; fortunately, there are other ways to keep them entertained in a car. Consider letting them draw on windows using dry-erase markers. They’ll be both entertained and creative—a good combination.
13. Clean With A Coffee Filter

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Coffee filters are good for a lot more than helping one make a delicious hot beverage. They are also useful when dusting the interior of your car. They are also quite inexpensive, so you do not have to feel guilty about using them as cleaning products.


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