These 15 Images Created By Gerhard Haderer Show The Sad Reality Of Modern Society

Art in general is not just created to be admired, but also to provoke people’s reactions, thoughts and feelings. If done right, it triggers a lot of these things and touches everyone individually, and that’s the real beauty of it.

A perfect example of fine modern art is Gerhard Haderer’s work. The artist has been creating satirical illustrations for decades, showing how imperfect our society is.

Haderer worked as an illustrator and graphic designer prior to becoming an artist, but after he was treated for cancer and underwent surgery in 1985, he decided to become a freelance artist. Some of his work has been found to be controversial and even insulting when it comes to religious matter, but still his works are brutally honest and accurate.

1. Selfies are more dangerous than sharks.

Image Source: GerhardHaderer

It may sound shocking, but it’s true. A few years ago the number of deaths which occurred during a selfie attempt surpassed the number of deaths after shark attacks, which is shocking.

2. Fake smiles are everywhere

Image Source: GerhardHaderer

More and more people need external factors to feel happy and smile. We have forgotten that true happiness and even good mood comes from within and we must keep that in mind.

3. Taking a photo is more important today than actually seeing the view

Image Source: GerhardHaderer

People in today’s society are addicted to technology and even a nice view is something they would prefer to photograph, instead of just enjoy it. The sad part is that most of them do not even realize it.

4. When the abnormal becomes normal

Image Source: GerhardHaderer

If someone is sitting in a public place and is reading the paper of just enjoying a real conversation, he might be considered to be a weirdo. We are so used to communicating vie some kind of device that we slowly forget how to function in society the old-fashioned way.

5. Today’s politics seems is a wicked game

Image Source: GerhardHaderer

Most of the politicians seem to have forgotten the meaning of the word ‘integrity’ and their presence in the party or house of parliament is not resulting in any benefits for the society. Even though most people realize it, things seem to be getting even worse.

6. Television and obesity seem to go hand in hand

Image Source: GerhardHaderer

A lot of people are so tired after the working day that all they could do is just sit in front of the TV and eat.

This is probably one the worst things that a person could do, because it is degrading and dangerous for the physical and mental health.

7. The corrupted government employees seem to want more and more

Image Source: GerhardHaderer

When a man finds himself in a position with power and influence, he is likely to use it for personal gains. The problem is that people become greedier and corruption grows.

8. We should be concerned by the climate changes

Image Source: GerhardHaderer

It seems that we only start to care about a problem when it’s too late, and hopefully this is not the case with the global warming issue. It is still not too late to take measures and preserve the planet.

9. Relationships are not what they used to be

Image Source: GerhardHaderer

The bond between the people which form a couple is rarely as strong as it used to be; people’s relationships became very different compared to a decade or two ago. The social malfunctions that we accept as normal are causing pressure and people keep comparing to the other couples, which is a mistake.

10. We swapped our dreams for material things

Image Source: GerhardHaderer

Nobody is going to be really happy if he buys the newest sports car or another material possession; it’s just an illusion that was created by modern society. People are stuck in the rat race without having the chance to escape.

11. Happiness comes from within, as we already mentioned

Image Source: GerhardHaderer

Giving someone a present has become a formality rather than an attempt to bring happiness to someone you love.

Gifts used to be special, and now they are something you buy in the last possible minute from the gift shop.

12. Most ordinary people envy the rich, but they are wrong to do it

Image Source: GerhardHaderer

The common opinion about the rich and famous is that they are happier than the regular folks, but in most cases it turns out to be quite the opposite. Money does not buy happiness, as the old saying goes, and you need to live it in order to fully comprehend it.

13. The corporate world takes its toll

Image Source: GerhardHaderer

A lot of people put all their time and effort into a career and sometimes spend decades doing so. The problem is that a significant part of these people lose their jobs at one point, and they are literally left with nothing, because the job was their whole life.

14. Another career-related crisis is pictured here

Image Source: GerhardHaderer

When a man who has been working the same thing for many years is forced to quit or has been fired from the job, it affects his family and community as well. This is why we must not hold on to our career and devote all the time and effort into it.

15. The crowd behavior is a burden

Image Source: GerhardHaderer

Every holiday season we witness the same thing – most people head to the dream vacation destination and face the traffic and other inconveniences, because people follow a pattern – they work almost all the time and spent a small part of it relaxing, before they head back to their usual activities. This is what makes our daily lives dull.

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