These 15 People Failed To Make A Smart Decision When They Had To

Image Source: Reddit

Every person experiences moments when the brain simply suffers some kind of malfunction and chooses the most irrational path, despite that there was a better alternative solution. This often leads to something like this, because the consequences could be rather big. While sometimes the end result is harmless, in other cases you might get in a lot of trouble over a simple wrong judgment or decision.

Check out the photos below and be careful not to make the same mistakes as these folks.

1. That’s one unforgettable delivery

Image Source: GallowBoob

We are sure that these people would not forget soon the delivery of this package. The UPS driver must have been in a lot of hurry and failed to notice that the door handle was blocked by the huge package. However, the people inside were able to call for help, but it’s strange to deal with someone else’s mistakes.

2. Fails could be very funny

Image Source: J-Mart11

This short conversation is more than enough to make you chuckle! Nobody is supposed to have advanced tech skills, but everyone nowadays is able to plug in something basic as a TV. When this girl realized what was wrong, she quickly regretted asking for help.

3. The circle

Image Source: Rgnxsupreme

When you intend to drive on a frozen like, you better make your calculations right. If it is too warm outside, you better think things through again, as this photo suggest. You can easily see the order of the events that happened and please be careful in the future

4. This truck is not going anywhere

Image Source: IllIDANIllI

It looks fastened well if we assume that this is an art installation of some sort, but it’s likely not the case. We could only imagine what would happen if the driver had just decided to get in and drive off.

5. Instagram photos are more important than everything

Image Source: Kwasbeb

The whole duck-face trend is already a common thing, despite being ridiculous, but this girl added a new twist to it, combining it with the other annoying trend of taking pictures of your food. As you can see, it looks like she failed miserably, and the whole composition of the photo is nothing but cheesy.

6. The king of the road

Image Source: Zanzibear

Surely those cones were put there for a reason, but some drivers like to think that they always have the advantage and the freedom to do whatever they please. However, the reality is that they don’t, and except for the ruined car, we hope that this person got a fat ticket, too.

7. Maybe he wanted to have a different kind of snowmobile?

Image Source: Twistedripper

When you hear the weather forecast, you are advised to take the necessary precautions, no matter how absurd it may sound to you. This guy totally messed up when he decided that the forecast was wrong, and he has to dry out and clean his precious Cobra.

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8. This would make you feel sorry for them

What were these guys thinking? How could anyone assume that this would work, anyway? It seems that some lessons in life are learned the hard way, and these men would probably never attempt the same thing again.

9. Too much confidence is a bad advisor

Image Source: Mrbluebob1

Of all the places to park, these people chose the frozen surface of a lake. Needless to say, it wasn’t the best decision they could make, and they must face the consequences for their poor judgment. We hope that most vehicles were still roadworthy after that incident.

10. This woman obviously has no idea what she’s doing

Image Source: need_my_amphetamines

Have you ever wondered why there are instructions or warning signs on things that you think are obvious enough? Well, here’s your answer why. There are people that need a slow and detailed explanation even for the simplest things.

11. We want to see the original video of this stunt

Image Source: JerryfromTomandJerry

Seeing the aftermath is one thing, but we need to see how it happened in the first place. It looks absolutely ridiculous, not the mention the woman’s confused facial expression.

12. Kind of awkward for a church sign

Image Source: Kirbykid12

Obviously everyone at the church thought that this was a good idea, but we beg to differ. The double meaning of this sign is probably the most inappropriate thing that you could put in front of a church, but that’s just our opinion.

13. Look how easy it is to look like this

Image Source: Cacanot

Just follow this guy’s steps. First, you need to try and put an extremely large object into a tiny station wagon. Then you need to start wondering why it doesn’t fit inside, and that’s about it – you would already look like than to other people.

14. An extreme cooking fail

Image Source: Uedn

Yet another woman who failed to read the manual. Why did she do that, when it was clear that the rice cooker is more than just a cooking pot? It’s a good thing that she did not start a house fire, but the rice cooker is toast, as funny as that sounds.

15. Shopping like a boss

Image Source: irishfeet78

This may be considered as a hack by some, but it is still a rather stupid move. How could you take the shopping basked stand and consider it to be a good idea? It is definitely not.

Written by Nick Martin

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