Thin Waist Means Prettiness, Fat Thighs Mean You’re Ugly. Simple as That!

Attractiveness, more specifically, the best looking body shape, could be calculated. As a matter of fact, it was calculated by students from the mathematics department at the Cambridge University.


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A female waist measurement divided by the hips measurement should equal 0.7. According to the same university research, thighs about 91.5 cm and a waist about 63.5 cm are the best proportions for the ideal pretty (sexy) walk. The mathematicians made the research having in mind the bouncing of the hips and the rounder movements in the lower section of the waist.

The beautiful actress Jessica Alba is considered a good example of the ideal waist-hips ratio by the students who conducted the research. However, she could be a great example for many “attractiveness” studies.

To summarize, a female waist-thighs ratio should be 0.7 points, according to the research. Just to mention that the ideal body ratio for men is 0.9 points. So, if your ratio is 0.7 and your boyfriend’s ratio is 0.9, this means that you are the perfect match… or it means that you have perfectly matching proportions.

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