This 22-Year-Old Girl Has The Bones Of A 100-Year-Old After Spending 7 Years In Bed

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Jessica Taylor from Kent, United Kingdom was a captain of the netball team once but at the age of 14 she had a flue-like condition from which she never completely recovered. Doctors later confirmed that her diagnosis was Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), a condition described as inflammation of the spinal cord and the brain which is chronic and can never be entirely cured.

When she was 15, Jessica was forced to stop attending school and was admitted into hospital where she spent nearly 4 years. At first her state was so bad that she had to be fed through a tube and couldn’t even recognize her own family. In time, she started improving slowly and could finely be taken back to her home.

Unfortunately, Jessica still requires 24-hour-care. She also can’t leave her room and even sitting in a chair and working on a computer is so tiring for her that she needs a rest after only half an hour. What is more, she had developed osteoporosis and doctors have told her that now she has the bones of a 100-year-old. This means she can brake a bone just sitting up too fast.

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However, the now 26-year-old is determined not only to get better but also to help others in need. Jessica has launched a charity called ‘Share A Star’ aiming to improve the lives of sick children. After spending endless time in hospital, Jessica decided to start sending goodie bags to young hospital patients to make them feel special and relieve their boredom. Jessica’s family is currently trying to raise money to help her charity campaign.

Last year, after a couple of years working with physiotherapist she was able to walk on her wedding! At the current moment she’s been happily married and is getting better every single day. Her main goal in life is to have a wonderful family. Her second goal in life is to help other children who are sick and need help. She has been doing that for the last couple of years and she’s really happy that her charity is able to help a lot of kids.


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