This Dad Got A Massive Tattoo Of His Son On His Face, Because He Believes Every Real Dad Should Do It

Image Source: FACEBOOK

This guy decided he should get his son’s en face portrait tattooed on his body. So, he put a humgous tattoo of the kid’s portrait on his face!

Image Source: FACEBOOK

Tattoos can be awesome, especially if they are done right. And when they are placed to commemorate a family member, they are also heartwarming. Unfortunately, this is definitely not the case of Christian Sechrist.

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Christian got a gigantic tattoo on the side of his face as a way to show the love he holds for his baby son. Unfortunately, his act of love doesn’t look lovely at all. The 20 year old guy, who currently resides in Houston, Texas, wanted to express his joy of having a baby son, so he went to a tattoo artist named Cody Gibbs to get some ink on his skin. He made Cody tattoo a humongous portrait of his son all over the side of his face. The tattoo starts from his forehead and goes all the way down to his neck, even covering his earlobe. The 20 year old was so excited by the humongous tattoo that he decided to show it off not only on the streets, but also on the social media. He bragged about it on Facebook and stated that the tattoo artist had done an “awesome work” on him and that the inked image really looked like his baby son.

However, not everyone thought so. One of Christian’s friends was so shocked by what he had done that he commented on the photo with some explicit language and asked him how he was expecting to get a real job with such a humongous thing creeping on the side of his face. By the looks of it, Christian doesn’t really care about that at all.

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