This Farmer Discovered The Hottest Pepper In The World, So Hot It Can Kill You

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Mike Smith, a farmer from Wales, grew an extremely hot pepper which is able to kill a man from just trying it. The farmer explained that the breed was accidental and he even doesn’t like spicy foods.

As soon as he found out about the pepper he got in touch with Nottingham Trent University. The university scientists helped him to develop it and used the genes to increase the quality and resistance of plants. They named it the “Dragon’s Breath”. The spiciest pepper is hotter than a military-grade pepper spray (2 million SHU) and it can’t be consumed by humans.

The amount of capsaicin in a pepper give us the information how spicy it is. According to the Scoville scale, which measures the amount of pungency in chili peppers, a Tabasco sauce has an index of 2,500-5,000, a Jalapeño: 3,500-10,000, a cayenne: 30,000-50,000 and the Carolina Reaper, the former hottest chili pepper – 1.5 million. The Dragon’s Breath beat the last Guinness World Record’ holder for hottest chili pepper with a Scoville rating of 2.48 million. This is definitely a significant increase.

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Although the hottest pepper can’t be eaten by people, but it can be really useful. For example, oils from the “Dragon’s Breath” are so potent that can be applied as a local anesthetic. It is so strong and will cause numbness to the applied spot. The oil could be great for those who are allergic to anesthetics and could be very useful as a good alternative to expensive anesthetics in developing countries.

Mike Smith alleged that no one has tried the “Dragon’s Breath” yet. According to him, it could be really harmful to the body. It may cause seriously upset stomach and even anaphylactic shock. Although the pepper is not edible, it will be used to help humanity and as we mentioned to increase the quality and resistance of plants.

Eating spicy food is actually good for you body, but please remember “too much of anything is good for nothing”.

Here is why spicy food is good for you:

  • It will boost you metabolism and will help you lode weight
  • It may reduce the risk of Cardiovascular Disease
  • It’s very high in Vitamin C
  • It will lower you cholesterol
  • It will improve digestion
  • It may reduce cancer risk

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