This Girl Tattooed “Vegan” On Her Face, So She Will Not Have To Tell Everyone That She’s Vegan

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There is dedication to a cause, and then there’s extreme dedication. A young woman named Kate Bullen, a vegan, expressed her dedication in a very extreme way by getting a tattoo on her face.

Also known as Kate Alice, her latest tattoo depicts the world “vegan”, and it is located on the side of her face. The woman, who comes from Lancashire, hasn’t been treated the best by many in the social media world. The tattoo artist actually deleted a picture she posted because of backlash.

Kate posted on social media about her new face tattoo and also a suicide awareness tattoo. This happened on the 25th of January. As she put it, she loves those tattoos. Not everyone did.

Her friends seemed to like them. A social media user called John commented that he found the tattoos wonderful and praised her for being passionate about animal rights and veganism, calling her compassionate.

Another used her love using a swear word, and Kate responded in a kind, classy way.

Social media wasn’t entirely thrilled, however. Twitter users, in particular, had nasty things to say. Kate retweeted the vitriol.

One guy calling himself Mark referred to Kate as a freak. Another named Kerry-anne blatantly questioned the decision to get the tattoo.

A dude named Brad Loram, who has a grand total of 860 followers, suggested the world needed to be stopped so he could get off.

The tattoo artist who created the face tattoo has been criticized as well. Her name is Jordan McCrea, and she used Facebook to fight back against those critical of the tattoo.

In her social media statement, Jordan expressed the fact that the number of comments she’s had to delete related to the tattoo is—as she put it—disgusting. She used a swear word for emphasis.

So what if a person wants to get a vegan-related tattoo on his or her face? That was Jordan’s point—not mine. She actually claimed that she was worried about the reaction making the tattoo might get; but she decided she really didn’t care—which was brave of her, sure – and gave Kate the tattoo anyway. The backlash proved Jordan correct, as she rightfully pointed out, and she seems earnestly upset that Kate is getting laughed at.

Jordan admits that she’s not a vegan and will probably never be one, but she respects Kate for fighting for what she believes in and taking pride in showing that off. As Jordan put it, Kate didn’t try to push her lifestyle. According to Jordan, there was mutual respect between the pair. Jordan even went so far as to make sure that the whole tattoo process was vegan friendly. Most would agree that their ability to get along despite having different beliefs is a beautiful thing—and sadly a rare one in today’s society.

It is sort of sad that Kate was mocked for expressing what she believes in. We here at WTF Facts have no official position on veganism, but it definitely sounds like Kate was treated poorly—treating others badly is never a good thing.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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