This Girl Was Murdered By Her Ex (They Met On Tinder), and Her Last WhatsApp Text Was Haunting

Image Source: Facebook / Molly McLaren

You have to be careful when dating, especially if you meet your date via social media and dating apps. Sadly, the days of settling down with a person from the village in which you grew up are over, so those of us who are single are forced to embrace dating sites if we ever want our happily ever after.

However, I wish that Molly McLaren—who was a University of Kent student—had been more wary. She was murdered in late June of last year. She was only 23 years old. She was allegedly murdered by her ex-boyfriend. Joshua Stimpson, 26, purportedly killed Molly at the Dockside in Kent. She had been sitting in her car in a parking lot when Joshua decided to stab her several times in the neck and the head.

Image Source: Facebook / Joshua Stimpson

Joshua is denying being responsible for Molly’s death; he is, however, willing to plead guilty to manslaughter, which basically means that his claim is diminished responsibility.

At his trial, the case’s prosecutor of the case stated there was no doubt that Joshua killed Molly, adding that it would be up to the jury to decide if diminished responsibility was relevant to the case.

Image Source: Facebook / Molly McLaren

Now, the jury has been presented with the last message sent by Molly on the popular messenger WhatsApp. At about 11 in the morning, sent just a few minutes before she died, she wrote to her friends that she felt as if she was constantly looking over her shoulder.

It was just six minutes after that message was sent that a witness named Benjamin Morton saw Joshua Stimpson standing by Molly’s car. Benjamin did what he could to prevent the attack—he even tried to pull Joshua out of the car and slam the car’s door on his leg. Sadly, he was not successful in saving the young woman’s life.

One of Molly’s friends—Amy—told the victim that Joshua had no sense of what was normal and called him a “freak”. The final messages sent by Amy weren’t read by poor Molly, as her friend had already been murdered.

Other messages exchanged via WhatsApp were presented to the jury. Clearly, the relationship between Molly and Joshua was growing a bit sour at one point. She accused him of having a “childish reaction” to many things.

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The pair met via Tinder in 2016 and started dating four months later.

Image Source: Facebook / Molly McLaren

On March 4 of last year, Joshua messaged Molly asking her not to break up with him, pleading for one last chance. She firmly told him it was over in June, and she told her friends that Joshua had “turned nasty”. As a result, she had little choice but to block him on social media. She would later tell her friends that she was scared of what Joshua might do. When questioned about whether or not she was concerned that he might harm her physically, she responded with the word “yeah”.

Image Source: Facebook / Joshua Stimpson

Some dudes just don’t know when it is appropriate to leave a girl alone, and it seems like Joshua is one of them. After the breakup, he would continue to harass and insult poor Molly. He would also utilize social media to make false claims against her, insinuating that she was a drug user.

He also allegedly asked another woman he met on social media to stalk Molly using social media. He did so after Molly blocked him.

Image Source: Facebook / Molly McLaren

Molly actually reported the Facebook posts to the police, but doing so apparently achieved next-to-nothing.

Joshua’s trial continues, and we can only hope that justice is served.

Molly’s story really should serve as a cautionary tale for young women in abusive relationships. Be wary and protect yourself. I’m not suggesting that people shouldn’t use the internet to meet others, certainly, but you do have to be careful. The people you meet online aren’t always who they seem to be.

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