This guy missed out on a $27 million dollar jackpot by 7 fateful seconds

Each second matters. This Canadian learned it the hard way.

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Seven tiny but fateful seconds cost Joel Ifergan a whopping $27 million. Back in 2008 Joel bought a couple of lottery tickets from a ticket machine in Quebec, Canada. The second ticket was the winner, but Joel didn’t receive a single cent from the $27 million jackpot. It turned out that the ticket was printed just 7 seconds after the official deadline, so lottery officials refused to pay out. The frustrated and angry Mr. Ifergan decided to take the matter to court and spent a total of $100,000 in CAD (more than $78,600 in USD) from his own pocket in order to battle with the lottery. Unfortunately, he was told at the end that the court would not hear his appeal against the official ruling.
Mr. Ifergan took his grievance to the media. He shared with CTV news that he doesn’t blame the lottery officials as much as he blames the slow lottery machine which printed his ticket. He also stated that if he had bought the ticket from any other part of Canada, he would have spent more than 5 years living the millionaire life.

Written by Patrick Bennet

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