This guy quit his job at Subway after his boss started sending him this ridiculous text messages

A 17 year old guy quit his job at a Subway restaurant after his boss started sending him the most unbelievable messages.

Image Source: Mirror
Image Source: Mirror

Declan McCurdie, a 17 year old boy, started working at a Subway restaurant located in Ayr, Scotland. Unfortunately, his boss turned out to be an unbelievable jerk. The man in question, Kenny Thompson, was hired as a manager of the Subway restaurant, but he was too much of a bully to actually reach the business goals he had. Thompson reportedly wanted to take Subway to heights the company had never seen before, but he thought that bullying Declan was the key to his goals. Thus, Thompson started sending a series of absolutely unbelievable text messages to the 17 year old Declan, some of which will even leave you speechless!

Image Source: Mirror
Image Source: Mirror


Some of the texts Declan received regarded his appearances. His boss made nasty remarks about the boy’s beard, his weight, and the way he looked in general. The texts got even worse with time. Week after week Thompson would send the 17 year old mean messages about his poor working skills, his shifts, his salary, and everything else. He made awful comparisons and made absolutely unbelievable statements. Declan decided he should quit his job while he still had some sort of confidence and self-esteem left in him. Fortunately, the boy not only quit his job at Subway, but he also uploaded some of the text messages on the web, where they immediately went viral.

Declan’s nightmare was a solid reality up until a couple of months ago, but now, fortunately, everything is over. His former boss, the bully, has been fired from his position of a Subway manager, and Subway have issued an official statement that they have made Thompson’s case of bullying and unprofessionalism their priority.

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