This is what A McRib Sandwich Actually Looks Like

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The fast approach of the winter season can mean only one thing for McDonald’s fans: the return of the famous McRib sandwich.

The tasty McRib consists of a special pork patty, onions, pickles and our favorite barbecue sauce, of course. The McRib first appeared in US in 1981 as a limited menu item. It has been invented by the first ever executive chef in the history of the brand, Rene Arend, who also created the Chicken McNuggets in 1979. Now the tasty McRib resurfaces once again.

Unfortunately for the McRib fans new controversial photos emerged recently. The pictures show what the McRib sandwiches actually look like when they are packed and frozen. The images posted by an anonymous employee of the chain went viral extremely quickly and divided the fans into two camps. The ones who defended the McRib said the meat actually looks normal when frozen before it’s cooked into a delicious meaty patty dipped in barbecue sauce.The others just plain and simple stated that the photos were utterly revolting.

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Well, we are pretty sure that all of their burgers are made similar way. We all love McDonald’s, but through the years it’s been proven that they are not good for health. They consist of mostly empty calories. In the food industry “empty calorie” is referred to food which contains a lot of fat, sugar, oils and so on.

Basically the empty calories makes you gain weight, but don’t have vitamins, minerals, fiber and so on. The food that contains mostly empty calories is actually considered as bad for your health, because in order for a person to maintain healthy body he/she needs vitamins, minerals and fiber. That’s why it’s very important to have balanced meals every single day. For example if you have a burger for lunch, it’s a good idea to have a salad and chicken breasts steak for dinner.

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