This Is Why You Should Never Share A Photo Of Your Boarding Pass On The Internet

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It’s that time of year where you’ve finished up the last of the Christmas food, and you’re getting ready to go away on that long awaited, and much needed Christmas holiday. Maybe you’ve splashed out on a nice ski holiday to the Alps, or need a break from these cold days and so are heading down to sunny Spain, but chances are, if you’re going abroad, you’ll be catching a plane.

We all sure do love bragging about where we’re going on holiday to, and the best way to do that is on social media. However, one thing you should never do, is put your boarding pass online to show all your friends. Particularly if your security settings are not up to scratch, you could be revealing a whole load more about you than you realise.

When uploading your boarding pass, there is a wealth of information to be found, namely the barcode which you need to get on your flight. By simply taking a screenshot, and putting it through a decoder, any Joe Bloggs can easily find out lots of information about you, including your phone number.

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In some circumstances, they can find information about your airline account, and if you’re lucky, they might move you from a window, to the back of the plane in the aisle, and if you’re unlucky, they might decide you don’t need that holiday, and cancel your flight – if done near enough to your holiday, you might not even realise until you find that you can’t get through security!

The amount of information that can be found via these barcodes does depend on which airline you fly with, however, there’s always a certain amount to be found.

Security experts always advise that you shred your boarding pass after use, or remove it from your device if it’s an e-ticket, and just don’t share it around all your friends, just in case one plays a little practical joke on you!

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