This Man Allegedly Took Woman On Date So He Can Steal Her Purse

Image Source: Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office

When somebody asks you out on a date, the reason behind their request is usually because they like you. In this case, however, the guy preferred his date’s purse and the personal belongings in it.

An unidentified Florida woman went out on a date with an unnamed man and his friend, Daniel Eisemann, who picked up the couple with his car and dropped them off at the beach in Boca Raton, Florida. The unfortunate woman and her date were kissing on the beach when Eisemann came out of nowhere and stole her purse. The guy, who had taken her out, acted like a hero and stormed after the 27 year old Eisemann. However, as it later turned out, he was just making a run for it with his accomplice. The woman figured out what was going on and called the police.

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The law enforcement officers found Eisemann, the woman’s date and another man at a nearby hotel. They had already spent the $500 in cash from the woman’s purse, but the rest of her personal belongings was returned. He was later charged with “gang theft”.

Editor’s note:

What’s the moral of the story here?

Girls, please never ever date a guy who you don’t know, because you never know what he’s thinking. Well, of course you need to meet new people until you find the one. Regarding this, I would suggest to go only on places where are a lot of people and there is almost no chance of getting robber or something else. You may as well want to meet people whose friends you know. Please avoid the complete strangers that you met at the local coffee shop or at the bar.

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