This Man Liked His Own Wanted Poster On Facebook And Then Got Caught

There are some things we do in this world which we truly regret. For some people, it’s ok, and you’ll never be found out or caught, and you can go through life knowing that it didn’t really matter. Some people though, do more regrettable things which make the police chase after them.

Image Source: FACEBOOK

Charles Reardon is one of those who is probably regretting his decision just a little bit. After the police posted a wanted poster on Facebook for counts of felony forgery, with a bond of $2,500, Reardon thought it would be funny to like this picture. The second thing that he’s most likely severely regretting since his arrest on Friday which was down to him liking this post.

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He was wanted due to being a suspect in a case regarding wallet and personal check theft in January, cashing four cheques, which is all going towards his charge.

However, Reardon isn’t the only one to do something this stupid. A number of suspects have been caught because they just simply haven’t been thinking. This includes taking snapchats with what they’ve stolen, and also snap-chatting where they are hiding. Maybe they shouldn’t really be being criminals if they don’t even know how to evade the police.

However, a plea to all criminals out there – keep doing these things, as it’s helping to keep the streets much safer without you on them!

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