This Russian woman died of heart attack after waking up at her own funeral

Image Source: DAILYMAIL

The 49 year old Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov collapsed at her home suffering from pains in her chest, and died of a heart attack. At least that’s what doctors told her husband. And that’s what he and the other mourners believed when they attended her funeral.

Image Source: DAILYMAIL

But while they were saying prayers for her soul, she suddenly opened her eyes, coming back to life. After realizing she was in the coffin at her own funeral, she started screaming and went into shock. Her 51 year old husband reported she was taken to the hospital immediately after the doctors mistakenly declared her as dead. The woman lived for another 12 minutes in intensive care and then passed away for good. Actually she died, because of the shock she got when seeing her friends and relatives praying for her.

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It’s very rare, but sometimes people who have been declared as deceased go into a state of clinical death and recover from it, just like in Mrs Mukhametzyanov’s case. Specialist are carrying out an investigation whether it was s doctors’ mistake or this is just very rare case.

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