This Woman Is Claiming She Can’t Find A Boyfriend, Because She’s Too Attractive

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There are a lot of reasons why one can’t find a significant other. Not everybody has similar tastes, after all, especially when looking for a life partner. In general, most people expect to be reasonably attracted to the person with whom they might share the rest of their lives.

One woman, however, is claiming that she is unable to find a partner because she is actually far too attractive.

The woman, who is 44 years old, is named Dawn Cousins, and she is from London. She appeared on “This Morning” recently, and her appearance clearly demonstrates just how confident she is. Instead of blaming possible character flaws, the YouTube vlogger believes she can’t find a mate because she is extremely hot.

Image Source: ITV

She explained her situation to Phillip Schofield, who was clearly very amused by the claim.

Dawn stated that she is obviously a very attractive woman who also looks very young. She said that she is very fun and is not the typical 44-year-old woman who has four children.

According to her, younger men are messaging her and wanting to take her out. However, she said, they only want her because she is “hot”.

Dawn claims that older men do not put any effort into themselves; however, those men also want her to send pictures of herself looking good. They want to look at her body.

They’ll say they want to go out with her—according to her—but even if they do not do so, they still want to go out with her. This is, according to her, because she looks young for her age.

Dawn said that her looks have landed her in unfortunately awkward situations. She made the claim that friends of her children have actually tried their luck, offering her shopping trips.

Phillip bluntly offered tough advice to Dawn, who claims she is often mistaken for the sister of her daughter. He said that relationships and dating are not all about looks. They’re also, as he pointed out, about personality.

He pointed out that Dawn is indeed confident—there can be no doubt there.

However, he said, it has to be intimidating to men—and even unattractive to them—when a woman is so confident that she says that she is gorgeous and hot and therefore too good for a guy.

He wondered if that may be the reason why Dawn is single.

It could be possible that she is single because her standards are impossibly high.

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Image Source: ITV

Dawn insists that she is not looking for the perfect man; however, in regard to her future soulmate, she does have very strict requirements. She said she is looking for a guy who is willing to work on himself. She wants a man who understands what a woman’s needs are.

She said she needs everything—the full package. In addition to having her mind stimulated, she needs to feel like a princess “every day”.

She added that she is not going to live her life with a man to whom she is not attracted. She believes she could get a rich man; she is not in denial. However, she said, money does not buy happiness.

Image Source: ITV

Depending on your preferences, Dawn may or may not be too attractive to date. However, attractive people genuinely do have trouble getting asked out. Attractive women may even have trouble at work, as male co-workers may not take them seriously due to sexist prejudices.

According to various sources, attractive women may not get asked out because those interested in her may assume she already has a boyfriend. According to one dating site, people who post beautiful profile pictures are actually less likely to get messaged and receive dates when compared to those with more “down-to-Earth” looks.

The University of North Carolina actually researched this, and the dating site’s findings are consistent with research conducted by social psychologists there. Apparently, according to that research, people move out of the way when very attractive women walk through a public space.

The bottom line is that being extremely attractive may actually be a curse in addition to a blessing, as it is probably hard to find a person with whom to spend one’s life if you’re just far too attractive to approach.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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