Top 10 Of The Biggest Internet Hoaxes You Definitely Fell For

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The internet is full of interesting and amazing things to read about. Sometimes the things you read seem a little off, but you’re convinced they’re real.

If you’ve ever been taken in by a hoax on the internet, you might know the shame of posting it and being made fun of by all your friends. You might have felt betrayed. You likely felt gullible. No worries, some of these people are very good at what they do. They’re so convincing, that their inter-web offerings succeed in duping many people.

You are not alone. I assure you.

Some things are so amazing, you just want to spread the awesomeness, and then you find out it’s not true and your heart is broken. Well, maybe not broken, but hurt a little.

There are thousands upon thousands of internet hoaxes that have made the rounds over the years, and we are going to take a look at some of the best hoaxes the world has ever seen.

Moving forward, always remember to fact check before you share!

1. Shark on the freeway

Image Source: Twitter

After hurricane Harvey, a photo of a shark went viral. In case you missed this one, it was a shark swimming on the freeway in Houston, Texas.

So many people believed it was real and it was shared many, many times on social media.

It was a real image, just photoshopped into a picture of the water from the hurricane. It definitely looks real, which is why so many people were fooled by it.

2. Fake news!

Image Source: Twitter

As with any political figure, there are some who love them, and some who do not. President Donald Trump is no exception.

Recently, a video was passed around apparently showing Trump speaking to a little girl. The accompanying audio shows the girl calling him a disgrace.

As funny as some people found it, it didn’t happen in real life. It was part of a spoof done by a show on Comedy Central called “The President Show,” and it was an actor being berated by the little girl.

3. Another hurricane hoax

Image Source: Twitter

be abundant during storms!

Another hurricane, Sandy, brought an image that showed a flooded McDonald’s, complete with a floating Ronald McDonald!

The water was shown at counter level!

Turns out that the picture is legit, but it was a still from a film by Superflex. It was an artistic price and they built a replica and actually flooded it on purpose.

4. Wrong plane

Image Source: Snopes

With all of the conspiracy theories and hoaxes that have and continue to go around about the 9/11 terrorist attacks, it’s hard to make heads or tails of some of them.

This one is accompanied by a story that a camera was found in the rubble of the twin towers, and this picture was on it.

It shows a man standing on the deck of the building just before the plane hit.

First of all, who would stand there calmly with a plane heading toward the building? Second, it’s the wrong type of plane.

People fell for it, though. It happens.

5. Big dog

Image Source: The Museum Of Hoaxes

Hercules, the world’s largest dog, became a viral sensation a few years ago when his photo near a horse showed him to be just as big!

There are certainly big dogs, but this one just didn’t seem real.

The dimensions included with the photo actually belong to the dog who holds the Guinness Record, so this is all just a big hoax or there should be a tie for the record.

6. Biggest traffic jam ever

Image Source: IMUGR

We all hate traffic jams! So it’s only natural that when we see a post about one, we believe every detail about how horrible it was!

There was a viral picture going around of a traffic jam that was supposedly 62 miles long! It supposedly took place on Highway 110 in China, and took almost 2 weeks to clear. That last part was quite a stretch, but people believed it anyway!

It was actually the I 405 right above Los Angeles, California. The original picture was modified to make it look worse than it really was!

7. I’m blue, da ba dee, da ba daa

Image Source: The Museum Of Hoaxes

You might have been amazed when you saw a viral post going around about blue watermelons. I remember seeing it and thinking that I wish I could try it, because it looked so delicious!

It was supposedly a Japanese moon melon, and the post even included the supposed scientific name, “asidus.”

Alas, it was completely made up. No such fruit exists.

8. Bitty baby bears

Image Source: Pinterest

Who doesn’t love anything that has to do with baby animals? Animal posts tend to be some of the most popular on any social media platform.

A post depicting what was touted as a newborn baby polar bear is one of the cutest things ever! One thing is wrong, though. They definitely aren’t small enough to fit in a human hand at birth.

Too bad. That would be so sweet!

It’s actually a pattern for a tiny teddy bear that can be found in TSminibears Etsy store.

9. Frozen canals or nah

Image Source:

So, the canals in Venice have frozen a time or two. One in recent history, for sure. 1929 and 2012.

In 2013, it did not happen, but a viral photo would have you believe otherwise.

Someone put together a photo of Venice with a picture of a frozen Russian lake.

It looks neat, but it’s not real.

10. Not orphans

Image Source: Twitter

Two children were pictured and it was said that they were orphaned children who were victims of the Nepal earthquake that took so many lives.

The actual photog took to Twitter to tell the truth about the picture. He said it was taken in Vietnam back in 2007. The parents of the kids were working in a field nearby. They were bit wary of strangers, and he says that’s the reason they look scared.

I’m betting he wasn’t happy to have had his picture stolen for a false story.


Written by Amanda Johnson

Amanda Johnson is a former Army brat who resides in southern Alabama. She is married to her wonderful husband, Brian, and has four children; Justin, Nicolas, Molly, and Lucas. She loves reading, writing, cooking, and going to concerts. She also loves spending time at the beach and hopes to retire there someday.

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