Top 10 Real-Life Kisses Of Death

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Most of us received a kiss from our mother right after birth, and it’s a part of our lives in one form or another for the rest of our days.

It starts with kisses from our parents, siblings and other relatives, and eventually they turn romantic in nature.

Basically, kissing is part of life. Kisses are used as a greeting, as comfort, as a celebration and as an act of love.

Kisses are wonderful and most people love smooches in any shape or form.

Sometimes, though, they can be deadly.
There are many things that can go wrong in everything, but I bet you never imagined a simple kiss could kill.

Here are ten examples of people who died as the result of a kiss.

1. Myriam Ducre-Lemay

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In late October of 2012, Myriam Ducre-Lemay went to a party with her new boyfriend. After hanging out for a few hours, the couple headed back to his house at the end of the night.

As they were settling down for bed, they kissed goodnight like usual, and suddenly Myriam couldn’t breathe.

Since the relationship was new, her boyfriend was unaware of her severe peanut allergy, and he had eaten a peanut butter sandwich for a snack before he brushed his teeth.

She didn’t have an epipen with her, and her inhaler was broken. They called 911 and an ambulance was there within eight minutes. It was too late. Myriam passed away from lack of oxygen to her brain.

Her mother wants to urge all people with allergies to please carry epipens with you al all times and to wear medical alert bracelets, as well.

Allergies, peanut in particular, seem to be much more prevalent these days, and it’s sad to lose anybody to them.

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2. Mariana Sifrit

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Nicole and Shane Sifrit got married on July 10, 2017. It was a joyous occasion, as their daughter Mariana had just recently been born as well. They should have been entering the happiest time of their lives, but tragedy struck just hours later.

They realized a few hours after the wedding that their tiny daughter was not waking up, and soon she couldn’t breathe, either.

They had her airlifted to the nearest Children’s Hospital in Iowa, where she was stabilized. Unfortunately, with her being so young, her little body couldn’t recover and she passed away just over a week later.

The culprit that took this sweet little life that hadn’t even begun was meningitis HSV-1, a viral for of the disease that stems from herpes simplex. This virus is also the one that results in cold sores. The hospital tested the parents and they were both negative for the virus.

The belief is that someone at the wedding who carried the virus kissed the baby, unknowingly passing this deadly virus to her. This can happen even when the person doesn’t have an active cold sore.

Nicole and her husband don’t want to find out who infected Mariana. They think it’s better not to know.

Rest In Peace, baby Mariana.

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3. Jemma Benjamin

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An 18 year old Welsh girl, Jemma Benjamin, spent the entire day studying for an exam on April 30, 2009,

After she was finished, she had a few drinks with a friend and classmate, Daniel Ross. They spent the night enjoying each other’s company, and when they arrived at his place at the end of it, they kissed.

They continued to go inside and Daniel was showing Jemma around his place when she suddenly seemed ill.

She sat down and he saw her foaming at the mouth and her eyelids looked very heavy.

Then she collapsed.

Daniel called for an ambulance, and had to call again before they finally came, 20 minutes after the first call.

She had passed away by the time they arrived. Her cause of death was determined to be SADS, or sudden adult death syndrome, so the paramedics wouldn’t have been able to save her had they arrived immediately.

They were found to have taken entirely too long to get there during an inquest into the case, but the coroner ascertained that she could not have been saved.

A memorial fund has been established to raise awareness and help find ways to identify cardiac issues in people who are young, by her father.

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4. Anthony Powell

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Anthony Powell met his demise with a deadly kiss from his new lady love, Melissa Ann Blair.

Melissa and Anthony started as pen pals when Melissa’s husband got a letter from Powell. The two were in prison together at one point.

Melissa’s husband was out, and Powell was in for life for killing his mother in law.

Blair began writing to him and it led to a romance between the two.

In June of 2016, she went to visit Anthony in jail. At the end of the visit, they shared their first long kiss. Anthony Powell passed away not long after that kiss.

Blair had smuggled drugs into the prison, and had passed several balloons filled with crystal meth to Powell while the kissed. Two of them burst in his stomach, leading to an overdose and death.

Melissa wasn’t charged with his death, but she did get prison time, two years worth, for drug smuggling. She will have three years of supervised probation when she gets out, as well.

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5. Abby Fenstermaker

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In 2009, Johns Strike of Ohio fell ill with the deadly E. coli bacteria from eating an undercooked hamburger. He ended up in intensive care for several weeks.

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When he was out of the woods somewhat, he was taken to a rehab facility to start what would be quite a while to receive vet from this horrible near deadly sickness.

Not long after he settled into the rehab facility, His granddaughter, 7 year old Abby, became sick as well.

She had just had a round of antibiotics so her parents were just keeping an eye on her. That is, until she lost a significant amount of weight in less than one week. That is when they decided she needed to be seen.

By day 10 after the first day she didn’t feel well, her kidneys failed and she had some brain damage. She went into a coma and never woke up.

Tests confirmed it was E. coli, which must have happened when she kissed her grandad on his cheek at the rehab.

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6. Julio Macias Gonzalez

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Julian Macias Gonzales was 17 years old when a kiss took his life. It was August of 2017, and 17 year old Julio was having a family dinner when he began to shake.

An ambulance was immediately called to the family home in Iztapalapa, Mexico. They didn’t make it in time.

Julio was dead.

The authorities determined that his death was the result of a hickey on his neck. His 24 year old girlfriend had left the hickey, and they are usually simply a nuisance to have to hide, not a death sentence.

Hickeys are made by sucking hard enough to break small blood vessels under the skin. This caused a blood clot to form, which went to his brain. The clot caused a stroke which he did not survive.

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7. Sommath Mhatre

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There are snakes all over India, 300 or so species, actually. Most people don’t make a big deal about them, they simply kill them like any other pest.

Many other people feel they deserve to live and devote their lives to rescuing them. Their goal is to capture the snakes, and take them somewhere far from humans and let them go.

A noble cause, of course, but it can be dangerous. Some take the opportunity to take selfies with these animals, many of which are very poisonous.

Somnath Mhatre was 21 years old and heavily involved in snake rescue. His online presence was full of photos featuring him with snakes he’d rescued.

That familiarity led him to make the decision to kiss a cobra one day, ahead of letting it go.

When he was just about to kiss the creature, it struck out and bit him.

He passed away 3 days later in the hospital. One herpetologist says Mhatre’s death was about the 30th death in the past 12 years of snake rescue.

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8. Mao Ansheng

The death in this story was actually a murder. Mao Ansheng and Xin Xinfeng, a couple from China, made a pact that if either cheated on the other, they would be killed.

Xin made good on that pact in 2007.

Mao was observed talking to a woman, though it wasn’t known if it was in a romantic way or not. For Xin, it was enough to take action and fulfill their pact.

They were to meet the next day, so Xin prepared to kill her lover by wrapping rat poison and making a small pill hidden under her tongue.

While she kissed him later, she passed it into his mouth, and he swallowed it.
He died later that day.

She was charged with his murder, and sentenced to death when she was found guilty.

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9. Dominique Wright

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The day before Halloween, 2016 found Dominique Wright having drinks with Benjamin Hughes, her boyfriend.

They ended up missing the final bus of the night, and although they had imbibed beer and shots of liquor, Benjamin drive anyway.

On the way to her house, Dominique didn’t put on her seatbelt and she leaned over at one point to kiss Benjamin.

Her timing was bad, because they were coming up on a curve, and he was distracted by the kiss. He ran the van off the road and into s tree.

Benjamin was okay, but his love died right there. He was two times over the limit for driving.

Dominique’s parents forgave him, and asked the court to show leniency. They didn’t, and he was given a two year prison sentence and he cannot drive for four years.

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10. Triatomimae

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This entry doesn’t come with a specific victim, but it is a cause of death from kissing that is likely underreported.

Triatomimae are also known as kissing bugs. They love to get on the mouth of a human, but them, and poop in the bite.

If they happen to be infected with trypanosoma cruzi, the human can contract Chagas disease.

Many people get it and never even know about it. It does raise the risk of heart disease by about 17 times.

Doctors think that most cases are never known about. The fact that so many cases are missed, coupled with the fact that less than half of the people who contract have it listed as a cause of death, makes it hard to know exactly how prevalent it actually is.

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