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Top 10 Scary Facts You Definitely Didn’t Know About Artificial Intelligence

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If books and movies have taught us one thing, it is that artificial intelligence (or AI) should be feared. Numerous works of fiction not-so-gently suggest that robots and computers will eventually become our overlords. But that idea does not exist solely in fictional works. Consider the concept of technological singularity, which is the theory that artificial superintelligence will eventually cause such rapid technological growth that humankind will be irrevocably changed. In short, the “human era” will come to an end, largely because of the technology we created. This may happen, according to certain scientists, as soon as 2040.

Artificial intelligence is indeed scary, and here are 10 reasons why!

1. Robot rights

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These days, if you own a robot, it probably does little more than attempt to vacuum your floor in such a piss poor way that you inevitably have to vacuum again if you even remotely care about the guests you’ve invited over.
The way technology is advancing, though, robots may—or probably will, depending on who you believe—become sentient creatures. If that happens, they will likely demand the very rights most countries can barely afford for their organic citizens. What if they need healthcare and housing? What if they demand the right to vote and serve in the military? What if they insist on the right to marry your child or grandchild? The robot babies may turn out to be cute, sure, but could humankind be at risk?

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2. What if war robots switch sides?

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Robots, like people, can be fickle creatures. While human beings can be “reprogrammed” via psychology and torture, robots can literally be reprogrammed. What does this mean for you? It means that the soldiers serving whatever country you live in might be—via a virus that could likely be programmed by a very adept teenaged hacker—attacked by a robot or an army of robots that was supposed to be on their side.

When you consider the fact that an American stealth drone was allegedly shot down by Iran in 2011, the idea that war robots could be reprogrammed doesn’t seem too far-fetched. After all, a drone is nothing more than a computer; robots, too, are nothing but computers.


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3. Machines will replace our workforce

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To be fair to robots, they do a lot of things better than we do because they don’t require food or sleep; really, they’re ideal workers. They don’t get bored and spend half of their workdays on Facebook posting pictures of adorable animals doing silly things.

It has been suggested that, within a little over ten years, robots will take over millions of jobs currently held by hard-working humans who are just trying to feed their families and pay for their Netflix subscriptions. In theory, by 2100, most current jobs will actually be held by machines/robots. Manufacturing, retail, and transportation will likely suffer the most. Transportation being taken over by machines sort of makes sense, really; wouldn’t you rather your plane piloted by an extremely competent robot as opposed to a pilot who may or may not have had a few too many cocktails before getting in the cockpit?

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Written by Kevin Barrett

Kevin Barrett is an award-winning reporter currently residing in one of the many suburbs of Philadelphia. In addition to working in journalism, he was worked in higher education and logistics. He is single, but does have a distracting little dog who keeps him from achieving maximum productivity.

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