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Top 12 Extremely Creative Low-Budget Hacks

Image Source: Reddit

At times, one does not have the money to properly fix a problem. When times are tight, there are makeshift solutions to the problems that tend to arise.

The hacks might not look the best, true, but all that really matters is that they work as intended. All the hacks require is a mind that is truly creative and a person who is willing to put in some minor effort.

Here are a whole bunch of hacks that will save your day when you need it the most.

1. Fixing the Tail light

Image Source: Reddit

You can get pulled over if your tail light is not functioning properly, but not everyone has the money on hand to fix it whenever it ends up broken. There are Tupperware lids that are red, however, and they will work in a pinch.

2. No More Mold and Mildew

Image Source: Reddit

This image depicts a trimmer—which many of us have in our garages—with a brush on the end. Mold and mildew do not stand a chance against this brilliant contraption.

3. The Microwave Mailbox

Image Source: Reddit

You do not need to go to a fancy home improvement shop or a hardware store if you need to purchase a new mailbox. Apparently an old microwave will work just fine in a pinch

4. The External Hard Drive Attached to the Laptop

Image Source: Reddit

Attaching an external hard drive to your laptop kind of looks bad, and is sort of renders the device a little less portable than you want it to be, but sometimes a person needs to do what a person needs to do. If you don’t have space available, that’s a problem, and you definitely need to do something about it.

5. Pool Noodles as Wiper Blades

Image Source: Reddit

Pool noodles may be useful when learning to swim and for aquatic exercise purposes—there are several uses, really—but are they useful as windshield wipers? One person apparently thought so. They are not an ideal solution, obviously, but it is definitely better than not having any wipers at all.

6. Keeping Multiplayer Honest Back in the Day

Image Source: Reddit

Once upon a time, long ago, you could not play video games with people over the internet; you actually had to be in the room with other people. They were dark times.
There is nothing wrong with being in the room with other people—per se. When it came to video games, however, other people could ascertain your plans. They could simply look at a different portion of the television screen. When it came to playing, “Goldeneye” for example, that made things more difficult than they needed to be. Thank goodness we have progressed as a society since then.
Twenty years ago or so, a cardboard box divider may have been necessary. A sad truth, but a truth nonetheless.

7. The CD Turned In a Shower Head

Image Source: Reddit

You really have to wonder who thought of this idea. Drilling holes in a compact disc so that you can use it as a shower head is a truly unique concept. The real question regards how well the makeshift shower head worked.

8. The Super Pogo Plunger

Image Source: Reddit

Apparently one of the people who uses this toilet requires a bizarre pogo plunger. We do not know why, and we really do not want to know why someone needs this strange hybrid tool. It is a unique idea, certainly, but I am not even sure how one would use such a device.

9. Using Your Stove as a Heather

Image Source: Reddit

If your heater has broken and it is a particularly cool night, this is a great idea. In general, though, using your stove for heat won’t actually save you money. You should eventually get your heater repaired.

10. The Vise-grip razor

Image Source: Reddit

Vise-grips are useful for a lot of reasons. This is an unconventional idea, but if you are missing a razor handle, the handy tool will work in a pinch. Sometimes you really need to shave, after all, and you do not have the time to make it to the store.

11. The Empty Bottle Faucet

Image Source: Reddit

The faucet in this image was not long enough, so some clever individual attached an empty bottle. As a result of the ingenuity shown, the water ended up where it needed to be. What a fine example of trash becoming treasure.

12. The Solar Eclipse Goggle Camera

Image Source: Reddit

A proper filter could have cost a small fortune; this person either did not have the money for one, or just did not want to spend their hard-earned money on a filter they would only use once in a lifetime. Fortunately, solar eclipse goggles did the trick, and the owner saved a bundle.


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