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Top 12 Hilarious Examples Showing What Happens When Kids Are Left With Dad

Image Source: YOUTUBE

Most people assume that only mother are capable of looking after the kids in the best possible way; the same people also consider dads to be irresponsible and unprepared to take care of their offspring the way moms usually do. While we cannot fully agree with such classifications, we can say that there is some truth to all this, and we prepared a list of photos that actually show what happens when dad is in charge of things.

Enjoy these images and see for yourself if this is the kind of parent you would like to be or not.

1. This is definitely not how you pull off that stunt

Image Source: Reddit

What was supposed to be a fun rope swing ended up in a disaster, but the good thing is that nobody got hurt. We hope that this guy’s wife was nowhere near to see what happened, because this fail would have been punished, no doubt about that.

2. A man should have a lot of courage to do this

Image Source: Reddit

And we don’t mean letting the toddler drive, because it is obvious that the father is still in control, but the initial shock of seeing the photo probably gave the mother anxiety. When you think about it, they were probably not even moving when the photo was taken.

3. Here is how a classic dad looks like in the summer

Image Source: Reddit

The outfit is fully complete and it even features the fanny pack. However, this is not the most important thing here; we should focus on the manly pose this dude stretched while talking to the waitress. It definitely looks like he’s hitting on her, while his kid is probably alone at the table.

4. The baby is not surprised at all

Image Source: Instagram

Just look at the little one’s face. The baby knows that there may be a bit of trouble ahead, because dad will be taking care of things for a while, and when you see his confident and slightly naughty smile, you’ll be convinced that something’s already up.

5. The real Boss Baby

Image Source: Reddit

This cutie’s dad watched Boss Baby and as you can see, he was overexcited and full of inspiration. He was able to recreated the animated character’s outfit, although the suit looks slightly bigger than it should be, but we still find it adorable.

6. Some lessons are learned the hard way

Image Source: Reddit

This dad is unaware that if his wife saw this, she would probably put him on the grill. He even seems to be amused by his toddler’s cute attempt to master some barbeque skills. We think that they are both doing okay as long as she does not touch the grill her bare hands.

7. The sad reality of the relations between kids and parents

Image Source: Reddit

While most people think that it’s normal, it is actually not. The fact that everyone is doing the same does not mean it’s the thing to do; technology robbed us of our social skills! But the funny thing is how this dad tries to show it by using that same technology.

8. Dads often amuse themselves in the most bizarre ways

Image Source: Reddit

The unsuspecting babies and toddlers often are the perfect way dads can have some fun while looking after their offspring. While this is not the typical cosplay makeover, we still think that putting a diaper on your baby’s head to recreated the image of a pope is a clever idea and there is definitely a resemblance.

9. When your kids are exhausted, there is a way to avoid carrying them

Image Source: Reddit

If you don’t have a stroller to use, or the kid is already too big to fit inside, this is one way to do it without causing yourself back pain. We agree that it does not look like the most responsible type of care for your children, but it would do for a quick nap, we guess.

10. Child’s play is not for adults for obvious reasons

Dad is playing with his son. from r/funny

We hope that this kid was not hurt after planet Earth literally hit him in the face! The person who kicked that giant rubber ball needs to have a second thought before doing it next time, because such a mighty kick could have knocked down a grown man, too. This is why we must be careful when playing with our kids.

11. The quickest way to divorce is pictured here

Image Source: Reddit

This is not a real child seat setup, of course; this man did it just so he could send the photo and troll his wife. However, the kid seems to have some doubts about the safety issues, and we would have, too, if someone strapped us in the back of a car with a few bungee cords.

12. Most dads have completely no idea how to dress their children

Image Source: Instagram

This picture is the perfect example of how to not dress a baby. You don’t have to be an expert on the topic, but everyone would put some kind of shirt under those overalls because the baby would be literally naked when brought outside. This father learned his lesson, but we are sure that he’ll mess it up next time in some other hilarious way.


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