Top 13 Amazing Pics That Make Failure Even Funnier

Image Source: Reddit

Failure is naturally considered to be something negative by most people, but in reality this is not always right.

People need to fail in different ways, because this is the only way they could learn valuable lessons. It there is no moral after the failure takes place, at least we hope it was a harmless and funny one! And that is exactly the kind of fails we will focus with these photos.

People do a lot of silly things every day, and the majority of them could be considered as funny fails; as long as nobody gets hurt, we are all free to laugh at them.

Have a look at these slipups and take a break if you are bored.

1. This is kind of sad, really

Image Source: eBaum’s World

Everyone loves pizza, so we should probably all feel a bit sorry for the person who only managed to take a bite out of this one before it plummeted to the ground. We guess that when hunger strikes and you accidently push your pizza on the ground, the cravings would immediately be doubled.

2. Potholes are not what they seem sometimes

Image Source: DumpaDay

Fortunately nobody was injured in this incident, which is rather peculiar. Nobody would expect that there would be such a deep pothole in the middle of the paved sidewalk, but there must be a water pipe broken. The dude who stepped on the submerged vehicle is still pushing his luck, though.

3. Sometimes you are left out of options

Image Source: eBaum’s World

When you see these images, you’ll immediately realize what happened later after they were taken. It seems that desperate times require drastic measures, and you can bet that this person did have the most pleasant experience.

4. This bird thug has no chill

Image Source: Reddit

The bird ruthlessly stole money from these men and then simply stood above them – if this isn’t teasing, we don’t know what is! They seem to try to exchange the money for some goods, but the bird is having none of it. What a savage!

5. If need an umbrella, choose a different brand

Image Source: Reddit

You need a tough umbrella when there is a rainstorm outside. Obviously this person made a poor choice when buying the umbrella and it failed him when it was needed the most. However, this perfect shot of the upper part flying away is an extremely lucky one.

6. The customer is always right

Image Source: Acid Cow

There’s little doubt about who has fault here. If the customers knew that the package would be this big, then they made a mistake by putting that additional note. On the other hand, the delivery company did its job accurately and followed all the requirements.

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7. It looks like that winter already came

Image Source: Reddit

Just looking at this toilet gives us the chills, literally. Imagine how cold it must be for it to freeze like what, but what’s worse is that someone needs to actually sit on it. This is meant only for the brave among us; the others probably just need to hold it in until it becomes unbearable.

8. The tools are the most important thing for the job

Image Source: Acid Cow

It looks like this plate of cheese defeated the knife, and the way it snapped could mean two things – either the cheese is extremely hard, or the knife’s quality was not very good. But it doesn’t matter, really, because the important thing is that we need to have some cheese after seeing this photo.

9. This is how luck looks like

Image Source: DumpaDay

The person behind the wheel must have a strong guardian angel, because this is as close as you get to a very grim outcome of a situation like that. Imagine this wrench hitting your windshield – it is everything but funny. However, since nobody got injured, we might as well look at it and appreciate how lucky a person could be.

10. Wedding photos do not get any better than these

Image Source: Reddit

We are glad that the dude behind the wheel was okay. His stunt was the reason why this couple can boast with literally unique wedding photos! There is no way you could replicate this, and the end result is absolutely amazing.

11. Someone was a bit grumpy that day

Image Source: Instagram

We cannot determine if it was the customer or the worker, but one thing is for sure – extra mayo is the worst option you could ask for. This person obviously got the order, but the worker literally dropped the mayo jar in the burger. Maybe the customer was grumpy and the person behind the counter taught him a lesson, who knows?

12. The scariest shower in the world

Image Source: Reddit

Would you shower in that bathroom? We know we wouldn’t, even if it was the last shower in the world. However, the person who owns it seems rather happy, but it is still a weird sight.

13. This is a sign that you need to stay home

Image Source: eBaum’s World

This major fail must be a sign. Someone above is trying to tell you to leave the car and just go on foot, or better yet – to stay home and chill. We must learn to read the signs.

Written by Nick Martin

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