Top 13 Epic Fashion Fails Of All Time (So Far)

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They say that fashion sometimes requires a bit of sacrifice, but there is definitely a limit that should not be crossed. In certain cases weird ideas are acceptable, but most wild fashion experiments end in disaster, regardless of what the creator or designer thinks. If something is bizarre and ugly, you could call it whatever you want, but it would remain ugly.

Feast your eyes on these 13 examples of ridiculous fashion attempts that are controversial, to say the least.

1. Fidget spinner fashion is apparently a thing

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This is just too much; we thought that the fidget spinner craze was over, but there are obviously attempts to revive it. This needs to be stopped immediately, because nobody could take another round of this ridiculous trend.

2. We didn’t see that coming

Image Source: Reddit

We used to put the Christmas three in the living room, but now there is apparently a chance to wear it! As bizarre as this idea is, we must give credit to the creators, because the quality of the dress appears to be very good.

3. Nobody would be able to walk in these

Image Source: Reddit

Where do we start here? Oh, the practical side of things, of course. These are totally useless, not to mention ugly. The creative side of things here is not that impressive, either. Who needs this stuff anyway?

4. Looks good, right?

Image Source: Reddit

Wrong. Take a second look, but imagine that the woman would like to actually use her arms. It is not that attractive anymore, is it? Sometimes we need to ask a certain designer what he was thinking when sewing that dress together.

5. There are some many questions here

Image Source: Reddit

Seeing these shoes was like a huge slap on the face. Tupac’s image on a pair of weird shoes with a transparent front end is just too much. What has your idol got to do with your toes, anyway?

6. Is this a defect or an effect?

Image Source: Reddit

What’s going on here? What happened with this shirt, is it the design or a factory mistake? In today’s fashion world we could never be sure what is going on exactly, but this piece of clothing is just wrong.

7. One of the best fashion design fails you could see

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Image Source: Reddit

There’s no way that somebody hasn’t noticed this yet. The flower pattern on this dress is rather strange and we could all agree about what it looks like exactly. This poor woman is probably completely unaware of how she looks like wearing it.

8. This is what happens when you fall for tempting online deals

Image Source: Reddit

While the dress on the left does not look that bad, the real product that this woman received was a total joke. It looks like a funny T-shirt that nobody would like to wear, and the woman would know better before browsing for clothes online again.

9. Personal style is sometimes the wrong path to choose

Image Source: Onsizzle

There are so many things wrong here and we find it hard to point the worst. Is it the eyebrows? No, wait; it must be those computer cords around her neck! Yes, definitely those take the win here. The question is why she did such a thing in the first place.

10. 18th century again

Image Source: Reddit

Wow, most designers would stare at this fashion wonder for a long, long time. We stared at it, too, and now we’re seeing red. There is absolutely no excuse for wearing that thing, and the photo shoot needs to be the last thing on someone’s mind.

11. A mixture between ages

Image Source: Reddit

While this is truly a bold move, it is still an epic fail. The granny-style clothes and the Tweety backpack go along like mayo and chocolate, which is not okay, of course. Who knows, maybe the picture was taken just for laughs, and we certainly hope so.

12. Remember when we mentioned earlier that fashion requires some sacrifice?

Image Source: Instagram

Well, here it is, pictured for you to see. Even on the sandy beach, there is no reason for you not to wear your favorite kicks.

13. She obviously said ‘yes’

Image Source: Twitter

However, there is only a slight problem with the ring fitment. This woman needs to say ‘yes’ to another man, and that is the jewelry maker. We wonder how she managed to put the ring on the first place; it would be one tough task to get it out.

Written by Nick Martin

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