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Top 13 Funny Pictures That Will Definitely Make You Laugh

Image Source: Instagram / x__antisocial_butterfly__x

Some pictures are meant to make you feel better about yourself, while other carry an even deeper meaning or simply stand for something. However, these images are likely not that amusing, and we all need a good laugh every now and then. This is the reason we decided to bring you some smiles and laughter with this list of funny pictures. Sit back and enjoy the selection; you are guaranteed to have a better day after that.

1. Time well spent

Image Source: Instagram

The reason schools exist is for kids to learn new things and be successful in their lives when they become adults. However, some kids prove that they need more than the common learning material that students are being taught at school, and this kid is definitely going places.

2. This is some kind of modern day awareness

Image Source: Instagram

When your assignment includes research about Islamic terrorist, you better take precautions just in case someone is watching your every move in Internet. The way this person was able to clarify the reason for the search word is straight on point and very funny as well.

3. This is a nasty incident

Image Source: Instagram

This kid’s mother is not going to be happy, and it’s likely that the hoverboard will be out of service for a long time. If this happened fifteen years ago, the consequences would have been nothing compared to thus carnage, because there were no hoverboards that can accelerate fast.

4. We wonder if this image is coincidental or not

Image Source: Instagram

There is no other way to understand what’s wrong with that picture, unless someone told you where to look. Yes, that’s not a parrot on the man’s shoulder! It is another man standing on a fair distance behind him, and the whole composition is brilliant.

5. The poor doggo knows what happened

Image Source: Instagram

The face of this dog says ‘I made a mistake’, but it is too late for regrets, apparently. These dogs always like to swallow things that neither were nor meant for eating by any living and breathing organism nor are digestible at all, but maybe it is just in their nature. We hope that everything was okay after the probable trip to the vet.

6. These cuddling trucks are awesome

Image Source: Instagram

Who knew that two parked trucks can form a romantic composition? They seem to be a bit cheeky, because they make out in the street, in front of everybody, but we hate to stand in the way of true love and we encourage them to continue loving each other.

7. House fights are the best

Image Source: Instagram

Roommates always have something to fight about, despite that most of the time there is a perfect harmony between them. Seeing this curtain makes us realize why this girl’s roommates want to get rid of it. However, we salute them for the decision to use social media as a court room.

8. This is a fine way of trolling

Image Source: Instagram

Yearbook quotes deserve a whole science book that would cover all the different types of things people write under their photos. Some of these quotes are genius, while the rest are mostly weird or hilarious, but you have to admit that this girl absolutely nailed it!

9. Doing business in the 21st century

Image Source: Instagram

These boys have a bright future ahead of them, you can bet a lot of money on that! Making money at an early age is admirable, but the fact they set up a QR code and accept Bitcoin as payment is both funny and admirable.

10. Making the kitchen sponge comfortable is essential

Image Source: Instagram

It seems that someone had some free time and decided to fool around a bit. The end result is amazing, and we would like to have that setup as well. Who knows, maybe this would make the painstaking process of dishwashing a bit easier.

11. Here is the weirdest way to satisfy sushi cravings

Image Source: Instagram

We are not sure about the logic behind this. If you want sushi, then you need to find the nearest sushi bar. What this woman did instead is create some sushi-inspired eye shadows, and we hope it was enough to satisfy her sushi cravings.

12. This is how you teach someone a lesson

Image Source: Instagram

This is what happens when you don’t respect other people’s privacy, and sharing their personal conversations with a third party is definitely wrong. This short and funny conversation was probably enough to out and end to all of that.

13. This is the weirdest sunburn we’ve ever seen

Image Source: Instagram

This picture has ‘nope’ written all over it. Having spiders of that size is a bad idea, and falling asleep under the sun apparently made things worse in an unpredictable way. We guess that a valuable lesson was learned that day, and we get to enjoy a photo of the consequences.


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