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Top 13 Hilarious Twitter Reactions Following The Royal Wedding

Image Source: Twitter

The royal wedding proved that there are two kinds of people – those who were absolutely thrilled about it and the others who couldn’t care less. No matter which group you would prefer to join, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding was a huge event and it had the proper response on social media, and you’ll definitely like the massive amount of funny tweets and comments that flooded the Internet.

Some folks enjoyed following the comments in Twitter more than watching the real thing, and we can’t blame them – just check out our selection of some of the finest tweets and you’ll agree that they are worth the time.

1. It is safe to say that the world was like this, not just the UK

Image Source: Twitter

Events like this do not happen very often, and that’s just one reason why everyone was so excited about the wedding. Harry is not only a royalty, he is a modern British young man that feels much closer to the regular people than any member of the royal family ever was. Some people probably accepted this as their friends’ wedding.

2. Prince Harry is a brave man for inviting his ex-girlfriend to the wedding

Image Source: Twitter

Some people may consider this as something very inappropriate, but we think there is absolutely nothing better than paying respect to someone who shared a part of their life with you. Harry proved to be e gentleman by inviting Chelsea, and she seems to have some regrets about breaking up with him.

3. Once you see it, you cannot think about anything else

Image Source: Twitter

This was surely coincidental, but we like coincidences such as this one, because the lack of intent makes them even funnier. And the resemblance between the Arizona iced tea can and Pippa’s dress is uncanny – everything about the two items is the same.

4. This user is absolutely right

Image Source: Twitter

We need to admit that the media talked about a bit too much about the wedding in advance, and they tried to ‘pump up’ everyone’ blood by constantly asking if we were ready for it, as if we were all invited and had to look our best for the ceremony. It was a huge event, but everyone needed to chill just a bit.

5. It was definitely not the typical royal wedding and that’s a good thing

Image Source: Twitter

The ceremony was amazing, and the fact that Meghan and Harry were able to blend a lot of modern things with the traditional procedures and rituals is amazing. The diversity and the overall mood of the whole thing were definitely something that was not seen or felt before during a royal wedding, and we like it this way more.

6. The ceremony felt really personal

All the small touches and details probably contributed the most for that extremely personal feeling that the ceremony left in the viewers. Meghan Markle was probably not able to personally design every detail of the wedding, but it sure felt as if she and Harry made the whole thing to suit their own tastes, which is wonderful.

7. Talking about personal touches, taka a look at the bouquet

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Image Source: Twitter

We are used to seeing fancy bouquets with a lot of flowers and decorations in such weddings, but Harry proved just how much of a great guy and a gentleman he is by preparing the wedding bouquet himself; yes, Harry handpicked the flowers for his bride, and it couldn’t be more perfect.

8. The excitement was for everyone

Image Source: Twitter

Here is a tweet which proves that not only women were overwhelmed with emotions about the royal wedding. We could imagine the way this man’s wife felt when he woke her up at 5 o’clock in the morning just to watch the ceremony.

9. Time zones brought some discomfort overseas

Image Source: Twitter

Most people in North America had to wake up literally in the middle of the night in order to watch the ceremony live, because the whole thing starts hours before the real wedding with the arrival of the official guests, which was a separate show altogether.

10. This couldn’t be funnier

Image Source: Twitter

Just seeing the Queen’s face is more than enough; there is no caption needed, actually. It must be really strange to hear how everyone is singing ‘God save the Queen’ when you are the Queen and you don’t really need any kind of saving at the moment.

11. Prince Harry’s facial expression is the definition of a man in love

Image Source: Twitter

Looking at his cheeky smile and the fact that he bit his lip are the signs of happiness that every man in love should possess. The young man seems to find it hard to hide his raw emotions, and that’s perfectly fine, since it’s one of the things we love about him the most.

12. It seems that some things will never change

Image Source: Twitter

Since we mentioned emotions, we simply need to put these photos here! When you see the utter joy Harry radiates, you cannot help but get the bug yourself. The young man seems to have always been more or less the little rascal in the family, and he is extremely charming while doing what he does.

13. This is for everyone who thought that the wedding was not special

Image Source: Twitter

How many weddings have you seen that look like they were inspired straight out of a Disney movie? That’ right, not that many ceremonies are. Meghan and Harry’s was like a childhood dream that came to life, and it was absolutely beautiful.

Written by Nick Martin

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