Top 13 Interesting Photos Proving That Simplicity Is Satisfying

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A single photo has the power to trigger a lot of emotions in any given person. It is true that people would react differently to the same thing, because we have different perceptions and that is a good thing.

However, there are some photos that guarantee to bring the same kind of positive emotions to everybody, because they have those vibes that just reach to you.

The following photos may not be able to win a photo contest, but some of them may win your hearts for bringing you some peace and relaxation, and even some fun on top of that.

1. These cool alpacas look like the best 70s band ever

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Just look at those guys! Their awesome hairdos and the smiling faces really bring a joyful feeling. They look like they are posing for their new album cover, and they are the definition of rock stars. You cannot help but love them.

2. The simple joy of having your best friend with you

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Our canine friends are always there for us. Their unconditional love and attachment can always help through some tough times. This dog looks like extremely touched by the attention and the dinner setup and you can see it in those huge eyes. The simple act of love by this human is all you need to feel happy.

3. Nature is beautiful and smart

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These amazing trees were able to form this amazing scenery, but this is more than just nice and satisfying view. The tree branches do not touch because of the so-called ‘Crown Shyness’. This mechanism prevents the leaf-eating insects to spread around the whole forest.

4. This is why you don’t mess with Mother Nature

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The amazing view of this thunderstorm is like something out of a sci-fi movie, but it’s quite real. It looks fierce and unstoppable, and nature can be just that sometimes. However, there is something very peaceful about looking at this mesmerizing view and the horizon in the back.

5. Here is most interesting costume ever made for Halloween

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This Lego costume is so good that you start to wonder how it is made so realistic and functional at the same time. The kid seems extremely happy to have it and probably gathered the largest quantity of treats in the whole neighborhood.

6. The sweetest cake ever made – quite literally

Image Source: Reddit

There are many ways to create a unicorn cake, but this one is unique! The cute unicorn is made to resemble the rascal who ate the entire cake, leaving only some tiny bits, while the unicorn is the actual cake.

7. This photograph is very satisfying but it took some time to create

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Image Source: Reddit

Someone had the patience to wait for the perfect moment to capture this image, and it absolutely worked. The whole composition looks like it was meant to be like that initially, but it was more likely that the painting was hanging on a wall before.

8. This mesmerizing ice formations is beautiful

Image Source: Reddit

A tourist found this perfect ice cube pyramid in Iceland and decided to take photo of it against the sunset. There is something very relaxing about staring at this object, and it we would like to visit Iceland at least once.

9. This clever optical illusion is brilliant

Image Source: Reddit

If you have a trip to Louisiana soon, you just need to visit the Museum of Art in New Orleans, where this sculpture is erected. The design of this masterpiece creates the illusion that the structure is infinitely high, and it’s almost hypnotic.

10. This cute baby knows how to chill

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Looking at this little human brings the biggest smile on your face. The infant is pictured three weeks before delivery and three weeks after, and as you can see, the napping pose is absolutely the same. We guess that this baby’s parents get at least some sleep at night.

11. The Night Sky Petunia really stands out

Image Source: Reddit

All flowers are beautiful, but some really stand out. This particular one looks like a tiny galaxy, and the bursting colors really brighten the mood instantly. Picture a whole bouquet made of these flowers – it would be mind-blowing.

12. Now here is something intricate and satisfying at the same time

Image Source: Reddit

This huge maze is entirely made of crackers, which makes it even more special! It took some effort to create it, but the end result looks like an art installation.

13. Is that even a ball?

Image Source: Reddit

This giant rubber band ball looks like an artificial pineapple and there is something really satisfying about it. Someone probably created it without any rational purpose, but there is no need for one – it is just a strange kind of art.

Written by Nick Martin

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