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Top 13 Jokes That Are More Relatable Than Usual

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Sometimes we tend to think that other people are not as irrational, weird or lazy as ourselves, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. You see, our modern society more or less shapes our being and therefore dictates our everyday lives, meaning that we probably share more habits and routines than we think.
The following list of jokes has the potential to bring a lot of people closer together, because chances are most of you would easily relate with a lot of the things listed, if not all of them, for that matter. You are guaranteed to have fun and chuckle, and you may even get some inspiration, who knows?
Enjoy these and leave a comment below if you were able to find something relatable.

1. Priorities are mixed up today

We really seem to neglect a lot of the important things regarding our well-being. We sacrifice proper and healthy food in order to be able to buy overpriced items that we don’t need. Yes, we all need coffee, but the price of $5 for a cup is not justified at all.

2. We used to be more durable and tough

Can someone please explain what happened in the past couple of decades? We used to have no fear, even in our childhood years we used to tear our skin and break bones, and we still couldn’t wait to be outside after that, while today’s people rush to the ER for a simple scratch.

3. We all do this, no doubt about it

Most people count their pets as real family members, and this is the way it is supposed to be. However, we love our animals so much that we tend to smother them occasionally and hug them will all of our strength. While it is appreciated most of the times, in other cases the animal probably could hardly stand this.

4. How did they know?

Admit it – you also keep a bunch of pans and pots in your oven, and you use it like a kitchen cabinet all the time. Not to worry; as you can see, there are many of us that do the same thing, especially if the kitchen is rather small.

5. We have all been there

There is nothing unusual to see here, just a common sight in every gym on the face of the planet. One really ripped guy with a lot of experience is hitting the weights hard, and one beginner looks a bit scared in the corner thinking that this is impossible.

6. Time passes by really fast, apparently

If are in your 30s and someone told you that they were born in the year 2000, you would consider them to be ten years old, right? And after a few moments you would realize that you’re talking to a 18-year-old human being. We know, we know, it’s crazy, but it’s true.

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7. This is the correct description of a winter setup

We have no logical explanation about this, but it is actually a fact; we all wear similar type of outfits, no matter how cold exactly the weather is. It is possible that we are just used to the comfort of the sneakers, because we all know how hard it is to walk around with those heavy boots on.

8. Story of our lives

This weather report is absolutely correct! But we’re not talking about the weather, of course; using it as a metaphor, it actually describes our lives with tremendous accuracy – every passing week seems to follow that pattern.

9. This is so real it hurts

Here is yet another accurate joke that hits the spot. However, this one is not just funny; we admit that we feel guilty when doing so, but it is stronger than us, and you would probably relate easily to this.

10. We struggle with this daily

Sounds familiar, right? The more clothes we stack in our wardrobes, the harder it is to decide what to put on. And it’s not just the ladies; men have the same dilemmas about their outfit, but it probably takes them a bit less time to finish the preparations.

11. That’s us in a single sentence

This is probably one of the most relatable jokes on the list. Our everyday lives are full of stress, struggles and frustration, and sleeping is the only escape, so it is only natural that we keep craving for more and more of it.

12. Huge appetite is not a bad thing, but the lack of exercise is

Bringing food from home will not save you any cash; the only thing you will achieve is more pounds to the bodyweight. You see, by bringing extra food you will simply more throughout the day, and the higher calorie intake will get you fatter.

13. We try to convince ourselves every time

As much as we try, it does not seem to work. The truth is that most of us procrastinate, and this is one the worst things we do on a daily basis. Leaving the unpleasant tasks last is exactly the opposite of what we should do, and yet we do it every single time.

Written by Nick Martin

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