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Top 13 Of The Best Answers To Questions Posed On Reddit

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes you need an answer to a question or a bit of advice, so you are forced to turn to Reddit users. At times, you get genuinely good information and great advice. On other occasions, you get advice that is amusing, but not really that helpful.

Here are thirteen interesting answers that will amuse or enlighten you.

1. The Person Who Does Not Need Human Contact

Image Source: Reddit

In this image, one Reddit user is wondering what others would do if forced to be in a room with nothing but food, water, a bed, and a toilet for a month. What would the coping strategies be?
After all, solitary confinement is a form of punishment in prisons. People genuinely need other people.
One amusing Reddit user, however, said that he or she already does not get human contact. I guess the lack of human contact bit would not be a big deal for him or her.

2. Pets Make the Best Friends

Image Source: Reddit

This one is amusing, but also sort of sad. One Reddit user seemed earnestly confused regarding how people make friends. The advice that was offered was actually solid advice, though; if you treat the animal right and adopt the right kind, a pet will definitely be your friend for life.

3. The Guy With the Unfaithful Wife

Image Source: Reddit

The question in this post is pretty generic, but the answer is both amusing and heartbreaking. Apparently the guy who responded was cheated on repeatedly by his wife. Hopefully, he was just trying to make a joke—nobody likes to be cheated on.

4. The Guy Who Started Running

Image Source: Reddit

This is a nice story about a small lie that turned into a wonderful life-changing decision. Let’s hope kolpy99 is still out there running and keeping in shape. Running is good for a person obviously, and in a couple of surprising ways. The weight control aspect is obvious, of course, but running is also known to improve one’s immune system. In general, runners tend to be happier people due to the fact running reduces stress. It is also known to increase bone density.

5. The Clueless Guy

Image Source: Reddit

This whole exchange is funny. As one user pointed out, many men do like making fires. The fact that the one guy did not notice a girl was interested in him is sort of depressing. Maybe the guy was painfully shy.
Fortunately, it seems as if the guy finally got the hint and wised up. Isn’t it nice to think that the user might still be with her boyfriend to this day?

6. Messing With Your Friend

Image Source: Reddit

This is a mean, albeit hilarious, response. It is definitely not a nice thing to say to your best friend, even if he or she has massive flaws.


7. The One About the Elderly Politicians

Image Source: Reddit

The response is an honest one. Politicians do, in general, tend to be a bit older than the average person. I do not think a 68-year-old legislator would ever support special driving tests for senior citizens, even if the idea may not be the worst one. Your reflexes do not exactly improve as you age.

8. The Question About North Korea

Image Source: Reddit

Wouldn’t it be truly interesting if Kim Jong Un actually had an earnest interest in genuinely improving North Korea—but just did not know how to best do so? I could see him asking a question or two about it on Reddit.
Why not? What would he really have to lose if he did just that?

9. The Lady Who Went to the Dalai Lama

Image Source: Reddit

I am pretty sure this one is a joke; there is no way that some woman would manage to get an audience with the Dalai Lama. Curiously, however, I could envision the 82-year-old monk giving that advice. Alternative medicine definitely has its place, but sometimes you need a bit of western medicine.

10. The Question About the Marriage Pact

Image Source: Reddit

I have never known a person who has made one of those marriage pact things, but they are apparently pretty common. I have also never met a person who has made a pact to kill a friend at a certain age. That is sort of creepy and hopefully not at all common.
I would like to know if anyone has made a marriage pact and if it actually worked out. That would be a pretty interesting story to hear. At a certain age, you have to settle, and there is no shame in that.

11. The Possible Bomb in the Briefcase

Image Source: Reddit

If I had a 50 percent chance to get $10 billion, I would probably take a briefcase that may or may not have a bomb in it.
The answer to the question, though, is sort of a sad one. The person who responded apparently thinks that being blown up is a “win” situation, which is definitely not the case.

12. The Teacher’s Response

Image Source: Reddit

It must be weird to have been a teacher for decades now. Back in the day, 20 years ago, kids would play video games on their graphing calculators in math class. Nowadays, they can stream television shows and movies on their cell phones. Teaching must be a much more difficult profession. The students must be pretty distracted.

13. The Response From the Person With Asperger Syndrome

Image Source: Reddit

This response is really heartbreaking. Nobody without Asperger’s can really know what having the condition is like, but you have to wonder, so the question about being autistic is probably an earnest one. The response, though, is a depressing one.


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