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Top 13 Of The Most Awkward Photos You’ll See Online

Life sometimes puts is in an awkward situation that seems impossible to avoid or to get out of. The feeling is as if you were caught in a trap or you just got ambushed with the sole purpose to be embarrassed in some way. If this is the case, it doesn’t really matter how or if you react at all, because chances are that you’re going to be humiliated in one or more ways. The best advice is to just let things be and take it as it is, because there are no other options, really
Take a look at some photos that could serve as examples of such situations. Some would make you cringe while other would make you laugh, but they are still awkward.

1. Most people are weird, depending on the situation

Image Source: Sizzle

Upon seeing these photos, you would immediately decide whether you find them funny or weird, or maybe even both. One thing is for sure – these people were able to create a trend without even realizing it and the absurd images they uploaded on their mirror selling ads are pure gold.

2. The definition of ‘awkward’

Image Source: Instagram

Well, this is embarrassing! Imagine finding yourself in this situation, how would you react? Would you chuckle and hide under the table, or maybe you would go straight up to the other person and use the weird coincidence to actually meet them? One thing is for sure, these two felt a bit ashamed.

3. Not the best stunt ever

Image Source: Twitter

A friend can lift you up in many ways, including literally lifting you up in the air. However, there are certain issues involved, and both of you must be aware of what you are doing; otherwise things might end up in disaster that someone happened to catch on photos for everyone to see later.

4. Frat parties are always legendary

Image Source: Instagram

You have probably been to such an event at least once, and you know about the kind of things that happen there. But even what we have seen in person is nothing compared to pranks like the one pictured here. We hope that this person woke up sober and removed the bottles before taking a step.

5. Just a regular person walking their duck around the city

Image Source: Pleated-Jeans

Daily commutes on the subway are a sure way to gather a lot of strange images for your collection, and this one is no exception. You don’t see someone walking a duck like a pet every day, but it looks as if it was a completely normal thing to do.

6. Has CCTV gone too far?

Image Source: Pleated-Jeans

Well, it seems that Big Brother really does have an eye on everything, and you can forget about having a personal space. Most of us considered the time spent in the restroom as the best time of the day, because you are all by yourself, but not anymore, obviously.

7. Putting cuffs next to the ice cream stand is a weird move

test ad
Image Source: Pleated-Jeans

We tried to follow some marketing logic that may have been used to make the decision to put cuffs next to the ice cream and the toppings at this store. Of course, such logical explanation does not exist. Buying ice cream is for everyone, but enjoying the kinky stuff is a different story.

8. This is actually an honest approach

Image Source: Reddit

While this mug may be a bit awkward at first, maybe it was the best decision among the whole line! We often try to find a similar item for a gift with a specific name on it, but it turns out that the name is simply not available. This is where the mug you see in the middle can become the perfect fun gift.

9. Sometimes you can try to avoid the confusion by making it fun


Image Source: Sizzle

Most of us have been there – just when you remove a contact, that same person gets in touch, and you have no idea who it is at first. However, there is a chance to escape being ashamed if you are able to convert the awkward situation into a funny one.

10. Here is one message that you would probably find it hard to respond to

Image Source: Imgur

What does ‘underfflufies’ even mean? We have a suspicion what it might actually refer to, and that would make this parrot one very naughty bird. This might just be one of the weirdest and most awesome pictures on the Internet we have ever seen.

11. Now here’s a line you don’t read every day

Image Source: Imgur

This rude interaction is something that we definitely don’t tolerate, because it is a vile thing to do, but the example here got an unexpected twist to it. The autocorrect function was probably the main contributor for this, but it is still enormously funny and awkward in the same time.

12. Traditions suffered major changes, apparently

Image Source: Reddit

Thanksgiving got a whole lot different for some folks, judging by this photo. We are not sure why would someone do this, but it seems to be a cleverly designed prank. However, seeing that turkey on the dinner table would definitely cause a lot of reactions and mixed emotions.

13. We hope that the baby is okay

Image Source: Instagram

Some people need to let go of the constant Snapchat story uploads; it’s becoming annoying, not to mention that it leads to situations like this one here. The terrified toddler seems to be aware of the danger of falling down, and we probably shouldn’t laugh, but the facial expression is so funny. Of course, the photo is still an awkward one.

Written by Nick Martin

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