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Top 13 Of The Worst Fashion Trends Everybody Once Though Were Cool

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We all know how fashion trends constantly change, and there have been hundreds of them in the past decades, even though some may return to rule again. However, we hope that some of the former style accessories and trends we used to enjoy would never come back, because they were either horrible or hilarious, despite the fact that back then we all thought they were the best possible thing.

Enjoy these flashbacks and have a few laughs, because if you are in your 30s, chances are you were a victim of some of these trends

1. Teeth grills

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This one may not be completely gone yet, but today’s popularity of these things is nothing compared to a few years back. We have no idea why grills become popular; they do not look good and are uncomfortable, but we guess fashion takes sacrifices.

2. Baggy jeans

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Here is something utterly ridiculous that was widely spread. Perhaps all parents hated this style from the bottom of their hearts, and we have to admit that it was overrated; it did not look good on everyone and at point you could see it almost on every dude you meet.

3. Doubled polo shirts

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You might not recall this, but it was an actual thing, despite how absurd it looks. Perhaps nobody knows when, where and why this started, but one thing is for sure – we are glad that it is gone for good and we never want to see this again.

4. Popped-up collars


The things said about the doubled polo shirts could easily be applied here, too. It made most men appear like complete douchebags but they seemed to like it nonetheless. You can’t even call this style; it was more like a style failure.

5. Crocs

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Before you say that they are comfortable despite the utterly hideous design, we need to point out that there are many other type of shoes that are equally comfortable, but do not look that bad. We wonder if anyone wears these still.

6. Rat tail hairstyles

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Thank God those are gone! At one point those haircuts became so annoying that you just wanted to cut of the tail from the head of guy against you. There have been other crazy and popular hairstyles, too, but this has got to be the worst.

7. Shutter shades

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These are a typical example of what not to wear ever again. Seriously, who in their right mind finds those attractive? Not to mention that they are not practical at all, and you could hardly see anything wearing them.

8. Flame-themed shirts

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The problem with these shirts was that if a dude liked the design, he wore the thing every single day, so you were slowly getting fed up with it. And we were fed up with this style a long time ago. If you happen to have one in the closet, pull it out and burn it for real.

9. Gaucho pants

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Wow, just the thought that a lot of people wore these back in day could make you sick. We are convinced that most of those who actually used to put them on did it because it was trendy, not because they really liked this ridiculous piece of clothing.

10. Platform sandals

Image Source: Reader’s Digest

We wonder if the person who invented those actually took even a step wearing them. The answer would probably be ‘no’, because they are extremely hard to walk around with. They do give you some extra height, but the risk of breaking your legs is not worth it.

11. JNCO jeans

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We could hardly believe that people willingly wore those at some point. The baggy jeans are nothing compared to these crazy jeans. We wonder what kind of reaction would they get if someone actually decides to wear them for a walk inside a huge mall, for example – it would be worth watching from a distance.

12. Extremely thin eyebrows

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This trend was popular mostly at the dawn of the new century, but started fading away slowly after a few years, and for good reason – it just looks unnatural. The same thing would be probably said one day about the current trend of making full eyebrows.

13. Uggs

Image Source: Cornwall Live

Uggs definitely take the cake when it comes to the worst thing you could put on your feet. People need to consider wearing something bearable for others when they leave home and join the society.

Written by Nick Martin

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