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Top 13 People Whose New Haircut Went Really Really Wrong

Image Source: Reddit

A visit to the hair salon is related to a lot of stress for some people, especially if the salon is new and the skills of the people working there are still unknown. And skills matter the most, because doing someone’s hair is an extremely responsible job which requires knowledge and precision.
Some people like to think that they have such skills and they don’t actually need the services of a hairdresser, and this is often a recipe for a disaster. Whatever the case is, you can be sure that people’s expectations for a nicely done hair are often a huge mismatch with the real end result, and you can see examples of this in the photos below.

1. Balayage done wrong

Image Source: Reddit

Here you can see the consequences of trusting someone who lacks the skills needed to do a certain hairstyle. Maybe the best decision was to check some reviews on the place before going there; this often helps avoiding such situations. And the hairstylist needs to admit if a certain hairstyle is hard for them to do.

2. This girls immediately regretted her decision

Image Source: Instagram

Going to the hair salon for the first time was probably a thrilling experience for this girl, and you can easily tell that she regretted her decision shortly after that. By the looks of her hair it is hard to believe that it was done by a professional; more likely someone practiced their skills on her.

3. Cutting your own bangs is a mistake

Image Source: Reddit

The top picture is the end result of this girl’s experience with hairstyling. She wanted the same result as the picture below, but as you can see it is not even close. The worst part is that she didn’t do it herself; she decided that it would end up bad and went to a hair salon.

4. Admitting that you lack the proper skills is always the right thing

Image Source: Reddit

Well, it seems that sometimes the clients’ requests are tough to meet, and that is the exact time for an important decision. Any hairdresser with some self-respect and common sense would admit that the desired hairstyle is beyond his skills, instead of wasting time and disappointing the client.

5. Same style, same results

Image Source: Instagram

It really seems that the undercut has a lot of tricky little perks that the stylist must know in order to achieve the proper end result. As you can see here, someone made an attempt to create the pattern on the right, but it looks very different from what it’s supposed to.

6. We guess it will grow back eventually

Image Size: Reddit

This case involves a bit of irony, considering the neck tattoo this girl has. There is absolutely no excuse for the way someone cut her hair, and we hope that it grows back fast. Examples like this one lead to trust issues when it comes to having your hair done.

7. Would you believe that this balayage costs $627?

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Image Source: Reddit

Believe it or not, this is what the girl paid for the result on the right picture, if you can call it a result at all; it looks more like a completely failed attempt to create a balayage. When you compare it to the original on the left, you could easily see that there is nothing in common between them.

8. The beachy waves this girl wanted are not what she got

Image Source: Reddit

The hairstyle this poor girl wanted couldn’t be further from the result she ended up stuck with. As you can see from her reaction, disappointment does not even begin to describe the way she feels about it. Hair is a sacred thing to most girls, and we understand her frustration.

9. Sometimes mom comes to the rescue

Image Source: Reddit

Mothers always strive to do the best for their kids, and this mom really outdid herself. You can see the hairstyle this wanted on the left, and what the stylist did to her hair in the middle. After he obviously ruined her hair, the girl’s mother took matter into her own hands and the pretty decent end result is pictured on the right.

10. This does not look too bad, right?

Image Source: Instagram

Wrong. This end result is not what this girl wanted. You see, she wanted the main color to be rose gold, with a very subtle hint of pink and purple. Well, the hairdresser did the exact opposite of that request, and now the girl must wait for the colors to fade after washing her hair a few dozen times.

11. Does this look good to you?

Image Source: Instagram

Even if the hairstylist is proud of the work done on the client’s hair, it doesn’t mean it’s good. This is the case here, because no matter how much time we spend looking at this, it would not seem any prettier. And you can see the girl’s facial expression in the mirror, which speaks about whether she’s happy or not.

12. Barbers could be just as bad as hairstylists

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see here, a barber is also capable of completely ruining someone’s hair. Despite the fact that he knew exactly what the initial idea was, he literally destroyed his client’s hopes of having the same style on his head, so a full shave was needed to fix it.

13. Mermaid hair is a nice thing if a professional does it

Image Source: Reddit

Unfortunately for this woman, she was clearly treated by someone who had absolutely no idea how mermaid hair is done. The devastation is complete, and the woman was probably frustrated, because who wouldn’t be?

Written by Nick Martin

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