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Top 13 Pictures Putting The Whole Comedy On Display

Image Source: Twitter

While people could be really annoying sometimes, they have the ability to compensate by showing their funny side. A lot of folks have a sense of humor, and it’s one of those qualities that simply make life easier and more bearable for everyone. Of course, people can do funny things without even realizing it, and these cases are even better because they are genuine.

Check out these photos portraying the funny side of people and brighten up your day!

1. The package says it all

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Well, the end result of applying this mask has nothing in common with the expectation; instead of looking cute after putting it on, this woman looks rather menacing. Maybe the manufacturer knew that and this why the package says ‘calm down, skin’.

2. These instructions should be on every paper towel dispenser

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one thing that we could all relate to. These dispensers always seem to malfunction, or the paper inserted into them is low quality and it tears apart before you could take a piece out. The creator of this funny instruction list was probably fed up with it.

3. This sign is an absolute must

Image Source: Instagram

Mothers tend to be overprotective and they always worry about all sorts of things. We can imagine this climber’s mom reacting to such a sign; she probably laughed a lot, but she surely appreciated the effort her son made to let her know he cares about her.

4. These two totally misunderstood each other

Image Source: Instagram

This is better than social media! These people were unable to realize what was going on, and they continued with another episode, and we find it to be hilarious. It seems that dating as one the most important thing for the 17-year-olds, because this girl was unable to realize the meaning of the word that needed to be applied here.

5. Confidence is everything

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This guy is our inspiration! Yes, he did absolutely nothing to prepare himself, but it’s all a matter of confidence when the time for action comes. Just look at his facial expression and compare it with the other men on the photo. Attitude is crucial for success and this dude knows it.

6. Sharing is obligatory beyond this point

Image Source: Reddit

Can you resist that look? There is hardly a person who wouldn’t share some fries with this cute doggo! The only problem is that once you start sharing, you’ll need to continue until all the food is gone. But that’s okay, and we believe the person with the fries just sighed and handed all the fries over to the dog.

7. The weather people did that on purpose

Image Source: Instagram

We love it when professional work is done with a slight sense of humor, and this is the perfect example. The people behind this production surely knew that people would start making associations and they summed up the upcoming week perfectly!

8. Chrissy Teigen strikes again

Image Source: Reddit

John Legend’s wife is notorious for her sense of humor, and she totally nailed it this time. She captioned the photo of the five Miss Teen USA finalists, and due to the fact they look more or less the same, we support her opinion. Maybe they should have brought up their individual talents as well?

9. It may be delicious, but it just doesn’t seem to be enough

Image Source: Twitter

We also have some vegan meals every once in a while, but two slices of bread with sprinkled herbs on top would just not be enough to satisfy our morning cravings. There are other options with a higher nutritional value that you could call ‘breakfast’.

10. Urgent matters require immediate measures

Image Source: Instagram

As we mentioned earlier, it’s all about attitude, and if you need to do something, you do what you are supposed to do. This is exactly what this dude wanted; he needed to make sure that he got the perfect burrito for his honey, and he simply followed the instructions.

11. This is the most adorable fight ever

Image Source: Reddit

Whoever created this setup is a genius with a huge sense of humor. The sight of the goofy snowman holding the tiny sword and shield in front of the mighty rhino is priceless! We think that with just adding a few details the snowman could become Olaf from Frozen.

12. We hate it when that happens

Image Source:

We need to mention that this is not the case in every similar situation, but you could bet that it happens more than often. However, we are all aware of that and it’s not the point here. The funny thing is how someone was able to caption this photo perfectly using this girl’s curves.

13. When you’re happy about your friends, but food is life

Image Source: Reddit

The main question to ask here is whether this photobomb was accidental or not. We tend to believe that it was just the right photo snapped in the right time, but as you can see, the girl is looking straight at the camera, so it may have been a joke she pulled on her newlywed friends.


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