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Top 13 Positive Images That Will Definitely Brighten Your Day

Image Source: Reddit

You are probably fed up with the negativity that flows from all kinds of places on the Internet and other media sources. It seems that people tend to focus on the bad things in life, but now we are about to change that.

Check out this selection of images that will surely make you smile and improve your mood, because that is what kindness and positivity can do for everyone, and these photos are loaded with them.

1. Being human is the real win

Image Source: Reddit

A runner from Ohio stopped to help another athlete with an injury and the two of them finished the race like that, regardless of the time it took. This is something that they will both remember much longer than achieving a good finish time.

2. Two men from Norway rescue a sheep from drowning

Image Source: Reddit

These heroes rescued a sheep from the ocean, which is an admirable act of kindness. The question is how the sheep ended up there in the first place.

3. This woman teaches the boy to read and write every day

Image Source: Reddit

The little street merchant is being taught by the kind woman to write and read every day when she stops by him on her way to home. This is exactly how you make a change in the world.

4. Helping those is need will never be out of fashion

Image Source: Reddit

A local Subway diner decided to help the homeless by giving them free meals, and they are the perfect example how you can help your community. This generosity is contagious.

5. Helping a litter of kittens in the flood is what real men do

Image Source: Reddit

One Indian man saved the lives of these kittens during a massive flood. True kindness is when you help souls that cannot pay you back, and this man did just that.

6. Giving people a break from everyday hustle and bustle

Image Source: Reddit

This man decided to set up a telescope outside a Walmart store and let people see some planets for free. What an inspirational guy! We encourage such friendly acts we would also definitely take a look at Saturn.

7. Ryan Reynolds is all kinds of awesome

Image Source: Reddit

Just one of the hundreds of things we love him about is his contribution to the Make-a-Wish activities. He agreed to meet with kids while filming Deadpool, which surely had a positive influence on the children’s recovery.

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8. Having a big heart will make you do things like this

Image Source: Reddit

This is what compassion is all about. As human beings we need to take care of those who are helpless and depend on us for survival. This firefighter is a hero.

9. Here’s a photo that’s awesome in more than one way

Image Source: Reddit

The crowd lifted this wheelchair-bound man up so he could see the Dai Dorogu musicians during one of their concerts in Russia. The man later said that he felt like he was flying. The best part is that the band’s name literally translates to ‘clear the road’.

10. Throwing your dog a dinner party may be one of the best things ever

Image Source: Reddit

It looks like a perfect date, actually. And if you look at the canine’s eyes, you will see the appreciation and love in them. Dinner time just got a whole lot better.

11. Nothing is impossible if you have the willpower to achieve your goal

Image Source: Reddit

This man was able to shed 350 pounds of bodyweight in just two years. As incredible as this look, it serves as proof that everything could be achieved; you just need to focus on a target and work hard.

12. They way this clouded leopard stares at his trainer is everything

Image Source: Reddit

Clouded leopards have the most stunning eyes among all the big wild cats. This photo here shows that, but there is just something more in that look – you could almost feel the love this animal has for the human.

13. A Kenyan woman helped a homeless man

Image Source: Reddit

After becoming his friend, she helped him go through some changes, and the end result is amazing; he looks completely transformed, and his new self-esteem is clearly visible. This is the perfect example of how one person could actually change your entire world.

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