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Top 13 Weird Products Designed By Women For Women

Image Source: Charles and Hudson

We all know how marketing works; a bunch of people achieve the impossible with the sole intention of persuading you that you need a certain product while you actually don’t need it. However, marketers tend to cross the line of common sense every now and then, which leads to the creation of things the world would be better off without.

One of the tactics used by the marketing professionals is the supposed special attention they give to the ladies by designing different versions of common and widely used object and labeling them as ‘feminine’ or ‘especially for women’. This trick is a pure fictional stunt in most cases, because if you sell hammers, they would still be hammers even if you produced a limited edition of pink units.

We selected some examples of products that were marketed as feminine, and you’ll probably agree that nobody needs most of them.

1. Nobody would want to chill on this thing

Image Source: Twitter

It seems that it would be rather embarrassing to lounge on top of that thing, don’t you think? We have no idea why would someone decide to launch this, but some people may find it to be funny and use it just for the laughs and weird looks that this product would definitely trigger once people on the beach see it.

2. Girly power tools are now a thing

Image Source: Pink Tools

This is the weirdest part of equipment we have ever seen. The manufacturer of this power tool obviously wanted to increase sales, but the tactic to achieve that is more than strange, since the only different thing from the regular version is the pink color. We hope it was a success.

3. You can obviously buy pink beer

Image Source: Facebook

We must admit that it looks good, because it’s pink, and the ladies would be pleased to take a sip, but we wonder what it tastes like, since it does not look like a regular beer at all. We hope they left the taste as it should be, instead of adding some ridiculous flavor to it.

4. How would women play golf if pink golf balls did not exist?

Image Source: Twitter

Here is one of those things that can easily be categorized as useless, not to mention that it can prove to be impractical as well, because white balls would be much easier to find if lost in a rose bush, for example. People just keep coming up with stuff like this, and there are always those who buy these items.

5. You cannot get a proper examination without a pink medic set

Image Source: Twitter

Well, you can’t argue that female doctors would be a lot more confident if they had pink equipment instead of the boring plain color. Of course, these are toys, but we still think that this is one thing that should not be divided into girl and boy versions.

6. The most useless thing on the list is definitely the pink moustache

Image Source: Twitter

The question here is why someone would think that such items should exist. The idea about a oink moustache for girls sounds more than absurd, and it actually is! If a girl needs moustaches for a costume or disguise, there are regular fake moustaches, but the pink ones are simply too much.

7. A pen specially made for girls is another thing nobody needs

test ad
Image Source: Twitter

Apparently the manufacturer decided that it was a good idea, and they probably sell it successfully, because we all know that people like to be different and to stand out in any possible way. However, using a tattooed girly pen is not the way to be different for sure.

8. Here is something you’ve never seen before

Image Source: Twitter

Yes, what you see here are puppy pads especially designed for female dogs. This completely unnecessary marketing stunt is probably weird enough to be successful, because we all know how much people care about their canines and they always try to make them feel special.

9. Is there a difference in the constipation the two genders suffer?

Image Source: Twitter

Nope, there is nothing different about that, and what you see here is another marketing strategy to sell more products to female clients. We have always wondered about the type of people that buy such items; they probably realize they have been tricked and they still buy this stuff.

10. Marketers must think that people are idiots

Image Source: Vidayexito

Of all the things that could be rebranded as ‘especially designed for women’ without any actual change made to the product, this must the dumbest. This company launched sliced bread that was designed for the ladies, but the only different feature about it was probably the package.

11. Remember that we mentioned a pink hammer earlier?

Image Source: Tumblr

Well, the thing exists for real! We bet you did not see that coming! This completely ridiculous thing is one of those items that we find to be completely useless, but someone still though the idea was good enough to launch it on the market.

12. These tampons increase your confidence

Image Source: Reddit

At least this product is a strictly feminine thing, but there is another twist here – just read the daily affirmations on the tampons! Women would feel much more confident after reading one of these every day, no doubt about it!

Image Source: Instagram

Written by Nick Martin

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