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Top 15 Early Morning Hacks That Will Make Your Day Bearable

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Not all of us hate mornings, but it’s fair to say that they are not everyone’s favorite time of the day. You often need to be in a rush, or you are still sleepy and even grumpy. If you are a morning person, then you probably wouldn’t need any hacks to cope with your morning routine, but the average person sure does. Let’s face it – most of us are not in their regular human form before they even had the first cup of coffee.

No matter how much help you need to cope with your morning struggle, these tips just might come in handy, and we’re glad that we could help out.

1. Having a bit of extra time is crucial

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And the best and easiest thing you could do is simply take a shower prior to going to bed. While it’s not a good idea for some people to start off the day without a quick hot shower, some people already do it and they enjoy their mornings more, because there’s one thing less to do.

2. This may sound strange, but it works

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Curling your lashes would ultimately give you a fresh look, because after the procedure your eyes will look bigger. When where talking about mornings, this means that you would probably appear to be more awake.

3. Another trick to appear more awaken than usual

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This can be applied alone or in a combination with the tip above. These tips are working in more way than one; not only will the others consider your fresh look early in the morning, but you’ll be able to like yourself more when you look in the mirror and kick off the day feeling good.

4. Here’s a practical advice

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If you haven’t done yoga practice until now, give it a shot. As little as a couple of minute of doing the basic stretching exercises every morning would make a lot of difference about your inner setting for the day ahead.

5. Outsmart yourself and the habit of hitting that ‘snooze’ button

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This is basic stuff and if you are not already doing it, start today – it actually works. By setting up multiple alarms to wake you up, it doesn’t matter if you hit the snooze button over and over – one of the separate alarms will surely wake you up eventually.

6. Another nice tip for looking fresh

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The ‘wet hair’ effect is rather trendy at the moment, and it is also one of the best ways to give a fresh look. This would be more than enough for you to feel confident about your morning appearance.

7. A sunrise alarm clock is a smart morning hack

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This gadget is perfect if you need to wake up before the actual sunrise, or your bed is not approachable by the sun rays in the morning. It would definitely make a difference and help you wake up faster and what’s more important, on time.

8. Making your bed helps

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It may sound like nothing, but it actually helps. The reason for this is simple – you complete a chore as soon as you wake up, and you feel more productive after that, which is essential for everyone.

9. If your eyes look like they are kind of sore, there is a solution

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Just grab some tea bags, cool them for a bit and place them on the eyes. They would surely reduce any swelling and get rid of the redness almost instantly.

10. You need to hydrate your face

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Probably most of us do that already, but for those of you who don’t – you have to start doing it. Whether you choose a spray moisturizer or just splash some water on your face, the important thing is to hydrate the skin, because your face will look a lot brighter afterwards.

11. Lemon water is a must

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This simple thing will make a lot of difference. Lemon water is the easiest way to kick-start your metabolism; it makes you feel better almost immediately. This is one the best habits for you to obtain.

12. If you sleep in a dark room or the weather is gloomy, turn on the lights

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By doing this you simulate the sunlight that would otherwise come in through the windows. People are wired in a way that they are awaken up by the sun rays, and if you cannot receive them directly, you could substitute with switching on all the lights.

13. If you tend to forget your lunch, there is a solution

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As awkward as it sounds, it actually works! If you always forget to take your food from the fridge, put the car keys in there, too – this guarantees you that you will not forget about it this time.

14. Make your routine easier by having the same outfit prepped

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If Obama and Zuckerberg can do it, so can you; having the same outfit every day spares you time to think about it in the morning. Just get your T-shirt on from the drawer and you’re all set.

15. Reinventing pancakes

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Making pancakes definitely takes some time, and you could save it by tossing the pancake mix in the oven. It may not be exactly the same, but it would taste just as good with no time wasted.

Written by Nick Martin

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