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Top 15 Examples Of Fans Savagely Roasting Celebrities On Twitter

Image Source: People

Much too often celebrities stand their ground and provide brilliant clapbacks to those who try to mock or troll them. However, sometimes things take a different turn and the fans have the last word, as well as the last laugh. These situations are a joy to see, and we gathered some of them for you.

1. Justin Timberlake

Image Source: Twitter

JT’s Super Bowl performance provoked a lot of different comments and reactions, and a rather big portion of them addressed his choice of styling for the night. We could agree that it was controversial, but some people did not stop there, and hilarious comparisons started to appear. This user offered one the best and he is right on point.

2. Joey Fatone

Image Source: Twitter

Another *NSYNC former member also appeared in one of Super Bowl’s performances, but it was not a reunion with JT. Joey Fatone was actually a part of Iggy Azalea’s entourage during a commercial. This is kind of sad, considering they had an equal start, but we guess that’s how life goes.

3. CeeLo Green

Image Source: Twitter

It was probably a good idea for an outfit, but it was absolutely roasted by a user on social media. We have to admit that there is a lot of resemblance with the chocolates and it would hardly become a trend.

4. Rihanna

Image Source: Twitter

Sometimes designers think out of the box, but the end result may not be what they planned. This was the case with this dress, which was quickly altered by some jokesters and the star was literally roasted for some time about her outfit choice.

5. Ben Affleck

Image Source: Twitter

The massive tattoo on Affleck’s back got everyone talking, and the actor was forced to say something, and he did, claiming that it was not real and he got it for a movie. However, after some photos of him hitting the beach, it was clear that the ink was real and everyone roasted him as hard as they could.

6. Mariah Carey

Image Source: Twitter

You might remember the singer’s rather controversial performance at the New Year’s Rockin’ Eve in 2016. There was a moment when she simply walked around the stage saying that she was unable to hear anything. This was really awkward, thus some memes were born.

7. Liam Payne

Image Source: Twitter

Roasting the One Direction star was actually quite easy, because he always seemed to face somewhere different rather than at the camera, and this could be seen on multiple photos. Knowing the band’s name makes things even more hilarious.

8. Kylie Jenner

Image Source: Metro / Twitter

The star was roasted hard about her extremely expensive make-up accessories. Maybe the users have a point, because the ridiculously priced brush sets are many times more expensive than regular ones, and putting her brand on them does not justify the price tag.

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9. Taylor Swift

Image Source: Twitter

We agree on this one; Taylor Swift did not copy Beyoncé’s video entirely, but the baseball bat moves were totally inspired, if not stolen, by Queen B. Fans were quick to roast Taylor Swift on social media, and it was well-deserved.

10. Kim Kardashian West

Image Source: Twitter

The reality star has been roasted on social media multiple times about altering her images with Photoshop. In today’s world most people who are active on social media platforms also modify their images with different software, so maybe we should not focus that much only on Kim K.

11. Hugh Jackman

Image Source: Twitter

When James Franco won the award for Best Actor at the Golden Globes, Hugh Jackman reacted in the most honest way possible; his facial expression really said it all, and people loved him for not being a hypocrite – he really felt disappointed about not winning the award.

12. Kendall Jenner

Image Source: Twitter

Kendall Jenner won the award for Fashion Icon of the Decade, and many people thought that it was well-deserved.

However, someone actually did a simple calculation and realized that in the first half of that period she was still a child, and everyone on social media took the opportunity to comment on this awkward turn of events.

13. Jennifer Garner

Image Source: Twitter

The actress was caught making a hilarious face during last Oscars’ ceremony, and it was the perfect image for creating memes. It was only naturally that she was going to be roasted about it.

14. Emma Watson

Image Source: Twitter

The cute actress had a temporary tattoo and the idea behind it was to be supportive of the Time’s Up movement.

However, the tattoo had a tiny error and a lot of people mocked her about it. She eventually joined the talk and replied in her typical style.

15. Chrissy Teigen

Image Source: Twitter
Image Source: Metro / Twitter

She was pictured making this face at the 2015 Golden Globes ceremony, it instantly became a meme. The photo is priceless and everyone took the opportunity to roast her.

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