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Top 15 Images That Will Make You Instantly Happier

Image Source: Reddit

We appreciate all kinds of uplifting content because we cannot get enough of it! The good vibes that a single photo or a text can bring your way are amazing! Whether you had a rough day at the office or something else is not going the way it is supposed to, seeing a piece of positive content is all you need to feel instantly happier. This is the main purpose of the list below.

1. This kid is a hero

Image Source: Reddit

Seeing this kid and the sign he is holding instantly lifts you spirits! We felt extremely happy about the little fighter who showed cancer who’s the boss! That smile says it all, actually, and we believe the boy will appreciate life much more than before. Truth is, life is a fragile thing and we must cherish the time we are given. When a situation like the one this boy has been through happens, we must believe that we can overcome everything because we simply can!

2. One person shared the love story of his parents

Image Source: Reddit

This is the stuff fairytales are born from! Such a beautiful and inspiring story is not something you see every day! These two lovebirds apparently met when they were in 4th grade and instantly became inseparable! They dated for fourteen years and had a child, proving that marriage isn’t the most important thing. Nevertheless, they decided to do it and it became something like a tribute to love, friendship and family!

3. Here is one super cool gift

Image Source: Reddit

When it comes to giving a child a gift, the choice you have when you enter the toy store is more than confusing. You need to know the kid’s preferences and you also need to set a budget. If it is not something trendy that the child desires, you have the option to give something truly unique! These knitted watches are the perfect gift! They are super cute and any child would like to have their version of their parents’ Apple watch.

4. Parents sharing their beautiful kids is something we can never get tired of

Image Source: Reddit

Some might say that there is not something particularly interesting about this photo, but we beg to differ. The photo shows two beautiful children who are representing the miracle of life and also the most important thing – family. What else can make you happier than holding a baby in your arms or admiring the beautiful sight of a young family with smiling kids? That’s right, nothing!

5. This is a wholesome thing to do

Image Source: Reddit

Those among you who have kids probably know that babies and toddlers can grow attached to a lot of different things for no obvious reason. They just seem to admire a certain object that brings them joy or comfort. When this family’s child grew attached to a cross stitch hanging in their living room, the baby’s aunt, whose name is Kaylin, decided to make a replica of the item. The idea was for the baby to have the same exact cross stitch in the kids’ room, too.

6. This is what holidays are all about

Image Source: Reddit

The international student exchange programs are an amazing idea and thousands of people from all over the world have the chance to become a part of them. This way they can experience a whole new world and see places and meet people that can teach them new things. This is the story behind this photo. A Japanese exchange student was super excited about the upcoming Halloween celebrations and you can definitely tell that by looking at this image!

7. All you need is the right attitude

Image Source: Reddit

We often say that there are no obstacles that they human spirit cannon overcome. Even in the face of immediate danger and inevitable disaster we are still strong enough to endure the toughest times. This man is the epitome of the strength we all have within! After his city suffered from Hurricane Michael’s fury, many people were left housebroken. Despite the severe devastation, this man never stopped spreading the love with a huge and sincere smile on his face!

8. This is a sweet thing to do

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Image Source: Reddit

Many people are inseparable with their pets. They accept them as family members an even as their own children, which means that the canines and felines follow the human wherever he goes! This was the case with this person and he cute doggy. She took the dog with her in the bathroom because he wanted to be there with her, but as soon as she pulled the curtain, the little guy stopped seeing her and became upset. She found the perfect solution.

9. Here is something to bring a huge smile on your face

Image Source: Reddit

If someone tells you that love can last for just a few years and then it would slowly fade away, show them this image! As you can see, these lovebirds were not afraid to show everyone how they are still going strong after 13 years of marriage! The way they designed the sticker leaves us with the impression that they feel exactly like they did when they were newlyweds. Their enthusiasm is charming and we believe this sticker brought thousands of smiles along the way. We hope that it inspired many young couples to not be afraid of marriage!

10. This is a happy coincidence

Image Source: Reddit

There is a certain type of vibes that can be felt when two special people meet for the first time. It is like they were predestined to meet each other at a certain moment in their lives! We believe that everyone around these two men felt it. They are not twin brother, despite the fact that they look identical. The men met by chance on a flight where their seats were one next to the other! As you can see, their glowing faces show the excitement of meeting another person who looks the same but it is also a complete stranger.

11. This funny story shows how awesome people can be

Image Source: Reddit

We laughed out loud when we read this story! Cats are known to be thieves and they all have different preferences. This person’s house cat obviously had a thing about garden gloves. The cat’s owner noticed this habit and assumed that many people in the neighborhood would be looking for their lost gloves. This is why the person decided to take matters to social media, thus creating the funny post you see! The fact that someone actually bothered to do this restored our faith in humanity. There are many people who are honest and care even for the little things.

12. Amazon probably did not expect this

Image Source: Reddit

Product reviews are often hilarious to read and some people have developed reading funny product reviews as a hobby. However, this is one really special review that shows how one great thing designed for a specific number of purposes can change someone’s life! The man in the photo suffered from MS most of his life, but when Alexa was introduced to him, it completely changed his life in multiple ways! This is an awesome story and we are really happy that technology can affect someone’s life this way.

13. This is a picture worth a thousand words

Image Source: Reddit

The image does not need a caption, because you can definitely feel the love that radiates from it! Of course, there is a story behind it. The officer had lost a partner and a friend, and obviously working without that partner on their side was probably really hard for him. It was the police officer’s birthday and the boy knew that. The little man made sure to give his friend as many hugs as possible in order to make his birthday even better!

14. Here is one cool story

Image Source: Twitter

Sometimes reporters can exaggerate things and tweak the story in order for it to sound better. This weather reporter, however, was lucky enough to be involved in a story that needed no spicing at all! As you can see, she tweeted about finding a box with an engagement ring inside of it. She spotted the tiny box among many pieces of debris on a Mexican beach, after a storm devastated the area. She gave the ring to the local police office and hoped that the true owner would be found. And the magic of social media worked again – the happy owner was found with tears of joy in her eyes.

15. Here is how a simple road sign can be of great significance

Image Source: Reddit

This ordinary Stop sign means a lot to the person standing under it. She suffered a fractured pelvis ten weeks earlier after she was involved in a crash. She was able to slowly recover and she actually walked to that Stop sign by herself. The sign was next to her daughter’s school so she probably felt like she defeated the odds by doing what she did.

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