Top 15 Of The Best Lolnein Comics Ever Created

The so-called LOLNEIN web comics were created by an illustrator named Vincent who started his career in 2013. He says that he loved making people laugh since school and this grew from a simple hobby to a professional line of work.

Enjoy some of his clever ideas that we are going to present to you now and choose your favorite!

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1. Most of us are like this all the time

Looks familiar, right? It seems that most of the time our brains are purposely dodging all the useful bits of information. On the other hand, if the information is completely useless, it would probably sink in right away.

2. This happens every time

It really does seem like the shampoo bottles do it on purpose. Probably in 5 out of 10 times we go in the shower, a random object would fall down right on some of your toes, and sometimes the hit is extremely accurate, just like the comic here suggests.

3. The sad truth

We may not realize this, but out addiction to technology is becoming a bigger risk for our health and overall social presence. How could anyone be productive and communicate with other while we are constantly stuck checking our phones and social media accounts.

4. An accurate metaphor

This clever comic really shows how the outfit, the accessories and any other additional things a person could put on do not change the basics. If you’re ugly on the inside, you may surround yourself with pretty things, but they will not make a difference. Of course, this comic may be considered with its literal meaning as well.

5. Double standards are a thing

Today’s society is full of double standards, and people do not even realize what they are doing most of the times when they apply them. These double standards are a huge problem and many people suffer different consequences and become victims

6. We all hate it when it happens

This is a painfully familiar thing, too. Those automatic updates on your laptop need to be turned off, or else you are likely to lose some important unsaved work you did. Better yet, you just need to learn to save your progress more frequently to avoid losing time and effort.

7. There are two types of people

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Most people really want to have the smartphone with the best and most advanced design. However, it is likely that immediately after purchase they would put a case on it, which totally shuts off all the design details. But there are people who don’t care if they break it and prefer to enjoy the shape and color without an ugly case.

8. This is hilarious and clever in the same time

If you are a car owner, you could easily relate to this problem. It really does seem that pigeons and other birds accept our vehicles as toilets, and they could even damage the paint by doing so – if you don’t clear your car soon, the lack finish would like be damaged.

9. The Tide pod challenge got covered, too

The ridiculous trend of eating Tide pods is both stupid and dangerous, and some people suffered the consequences. This comic here implies that the only actual use of Tide pods is the one they were designed for – to go inside the laundry machine and wash your clothes.

10. This also happens every time

It seems that vacuum cleaners love sucking items that they are not supposed to, like the fabric cover of your sofa or the curtains. Meanwhile, that same vacuum sometimes struggles with tiny objects like bread crumbs.

11. Nobody could handle that much truth

Reading minds could seem like a good idea, but you need to think about it again. Knowing what’s going on in everyone’s head means that you would always know the truth and that could be a tough pill to swallow most of the times.

12. We all feel lazy when the laundry needs folding

Yet another thing that most people would admit doing is neglecting to fold the laundry and put it away in the wardrobe or the closet. It is a strange thing, because we took the time to wash the clothes and to hang the after that, but the folding seems too much work.

13. The constant straw struggle

There seems to be some sort of an unwritten law that you not going to able to catch the straw with your mouth not even once in your lifetime. It almost seems that the straw avoids your lips on purpose, and the only way for you to drink is hold it in place with one hand.

14. Who knew that a towel’s daily routine was that hard?

You almost feel sorry for this towel when looking at the comic. When you think about it, the struggle is real, especially when men use it – they often prefer to use one towel for all body areas, which is not particularly nice.

15. This is so accurate

There is not a single person that wouldn’t relate to this. No matter how much time you spend adjusting the shower, the water will either be too cold or too hot. We guess that’s just how life goes.

Written by Nick Martin

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