Top 15 Of The Worst Clothing Disasters Ever

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Designing clothes is not an easy task, and if you think the opposite way, you are definitely wrong. The ways that the design could be messed up are endless, and even a good initial idea can quickly turn into a disaster. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered, like colors, materials, stitching, details and much, much more.

The following list consists of examples that show just how easy it is to mess up the appearance of a piece of clothing. It is very easy to destroy a person’s style once that person is seen wearing something awkward or even inappropriate. The trouble is that sometimes people think that certain clothes are a good choice, but the reality is that it is a complete fail.

1. Everything seems to be okay at first glance

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Well, upon further investigation of the details, you would probably be stunned, because this dress actually creates the illusion that the woman lets out a huge fart. We have no idea who designed this wedding dress, but we are sure that this was not the desired effect it was supposed to have

2. Same thing here, no problem with this shirt when you take a first look

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Unfortunately for Kevin Hart, some people caught the little details, and they were left with their eyes and mouth wide open. The actor surely missed this, but the letters on his shirt repeatedly spell ‘pedo’ all over it! This automatically turns the shirt into something rather inappropriate to wear.

3. Someone copied this pattern for sure

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You actually have the best proof you could ask for, because there is actually a Shutterstock watermark embroidered on this dress! The pattern of the dress was downloaded as an image from the website, but it was not paid for, so the watermark remained as part of the design and the machine simply added it to the finished product.

4. This is as awkward as it gets

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Whoever designed this dress was either drunk or had no clear vision of the end result. The poor woman wearing it probably noticed what it actually looked like only when she saw the photos. It’s amazing how these things happened and people are unaware of how ridiculous they look.

5. The strangest shirt pattern ever

Image Source: Almighty

Having flies on your shirt would be strange enough for some people, but this here is a completely different level of weird. Needless to say, these flies are portrayed in a rather awkward position, which is not appropriate for a casual summer shirt.

6. Sports uniforms fail

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Why on Earth were these uniforms approved in the first place? There is absolutely no way that nobody noticed how they look like. The girls wearing them do not seem embarrassed, so maybe nobody really saw the huge design flaw.

7. The style police would burn this dress immediately

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And they have every reason to do so! Designers always want to push themselves further and come up with new and interesting dress interpretations, but having your legs look like you came off a horse’s back after years of continuous ride does not look good at all.

8. This blazer is kind of kinky

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Image Source: Reddit

The fact that millions of viewers say this makes it an epic wardrobe fail! The woman probably did not notice now she looks like behind her desk with the blazer on, but if she happened to see photos of her afterwards, she might just get rid of it.

9. They had one job

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As much as we tried, there really seems to be no rational explanation about this T-shirt’s decorative pattern. While it is clear that there are pineapples pictured all over the place, the word ‘watermelon’ is completely out of place, not to mention the pink color of the letters.

10. Maybe not the best font choice

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While the idea behind this design was probably a good one, the execution is controversial, to say the least. Perhaps everyone would read it differently instead of the actual word ‘rope’ that’s written on it.

11. Someone lost count

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes the obvious and easy part of a design is where things go wrong. This is the perfect example for that. However, at least the two numbers are pretty close, but it doesn’t make it right, of course.

12. Would you pay $168 for those?

Image Source: Reddit

We should call those jeans, but there is not much left of them. However, despite that most of the denim fabric is cut off, the price is rather high, and you end up with no money and literally no pants on your bum.

13. Major design fails look like this

Image Source: Reddit

The shirt is quite expressive, but not in the way this woman probably thinks. You would find it hard to walk behind her and not laugh, and therefore a potentially awkward situation would be created.

14. It was unintentional, but it is still funny

Image Source: Viralford

The way that they decided to place the stitching is actually the worst possible, because the match is not in the right place. This is something that probably nobody noticed, but it is still a fail.

15. Star Wars socks are always cool

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Do not get this wrong – there are stormtroopers on those socks. However, when this person put them on, the image was reversed, and this weird grinning face appeared.

Written by Nick Martin

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