Top 15 Parenting Hacks That Will Make Every Parent Life Easier

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Only those who have kids know how tough it is to cope will all the responsibilities you have as a parent. With that said, we can assume that every little bit of help would be much appreciated, so we hope these useful tips will be useful to most of you.

Feel free to use and share these parenting hacks and make your day easier!

1. Use small takeout containers for the storage of pacifiers.

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These are the perfects size for most pacifiers. All you need to do is just put a few in your bag before you go out and you will be sure to have a clean pacifier whenever you need one.

2. Create a playing area using an inflatable pool

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This is a neat trick to use. The inflatable pool serves as the perfect indoor playground, because it has soft walls and it’s easy to clean after play time is over. Not to mention that all of the toys would be easier to pick up instead of being scattered around the house.

3. Prepping your kids for school in advance

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What a great idea! Instead of rushing every morning to beat the time and prepare your offspring, you could do it once in a week and enjoy the beginning of each day without the hustle and bustle.

4. It seems strange, but it works

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You can save yourself a lot of trouble when you do this. Getting your kids to go shopping for clothes and shoes is hard in most cases, and the visit to the store would likely not be the best experience in the world. With this simple tracing of their feet you would be able to buy shoes faster and easier than ever.

5. Create a playful routine schedule for the kids

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Buy a wall clock and add colors to it which represent a different daily task for the kids. This way they will learn to have responsibilities and to follow up schedules, which is a good habit to have.

6. One neat safety feature

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This is something that we hope nobody gets to use, but it could prove to be extremely important. This bracelet is actually the parent’s phone number, and if the kid gets lost somehow, it would be very easy to contact the parent.

7. Add this to the slippers to avoid accidents

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A bit of hot glue to the bottom part of the kids’ slippers will prevent them from actually slipping and falling to the ground. There are many surfaces that could prove to be slippery, so you could avoid it by using this hack.

8. Lint rollers are handy in more than one way

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Having fun with glitter is one thing, but cleaning up the mess is a completely different story. However, there is something you can do to get rid of the mess instantly – grab a lint roller and you’ll be done in no time.

9. Never worry about the correct dose again

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If your kid needs to take some kind of medicine daily, you just need to draw this simple table on the bottle. It will serve you as daily log of the times you need to give the child the dose and as a measurement tool as well.

10. Cupcake molds come in handy sometimes

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Tired of washing a few sets of your kid’s clothes daily because of dripping ice cream? Use this clever hack! It’s as simple as it is brilliant, and could even add to the fun your kid will have while enjoying the ice cream on a stick.

11. If you do not have enough room in your home, this might be the right solution

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The changing table is an important place when you have a baby and it must be organized to perfection in order to be easier for you. However, sometimes the room lacks enough space, and this neat hanger would surely do the trick for you.

12. Spare some time cleaning all the kids’ toys

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Instead of wasting time to clean all the toys and little bits like Lego blocks, simply toss them into a mesh laundry bag and give them a proper treatment in the washing machine. It will really save you a lot of effort.

13. Your toddler is having difficulties learning which is left and which is right?

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You can solve this problem by turning it into a fun game. Simply place half a sticker in each shoe and the kid will learn quickly.

14. Tired of losing socks while washing or drying?

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The solution is simple – pin the socks together with safety pins. This will guarantee that you’ll get out the number of socks you put initially.

15. If you kid is into art, you can easily protect the clothing

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Art is mostly related to making a mess. To protect your child’s clothes, simply use Glad Press n’ Seal and you have the perfect protection!

Written by Nick Martin

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