Top 15 Weird And Scary ‘Discoveries’ That We Don’t Need To Exist

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Sometimes we find the weirdest items at thrift shops or yard sales, because people there sell the stuff they were able to find stacked in attics, basements and storage rooms. These items can be quite creepy in some cases, which may cause people to become paranoid or experience bad dreams.

Well, the following photos show items that it is probably better to be sent back where they came from, or better yet – to be destroyed before they haunt more people. The funny thing is that some people apparently want to own such things, but we are not among them.

1. Baby dolls do not get much creepier than this

Image Source: Reddit

This doll has seen some tough times, as we can all clearly see. The dirt and the broken parts are simply too much, but it must be worth something, because otherwise it would be in the trash bin. The spookiest part is the look this doll has – it is kind of sinister.

2. This is not art

Image Source: Reddit

Someone obviously glued some chestnuts to a baseball hat, but the reasons behind this as unknown. It does not make any sense, except if it was an artistic attempt, but then it needs to be considered as a fail. We would gladly get rid of it, because nobody needs it.

3. Who wouldn’t want two kissing pigs as a souvenir?

Image Source: Reddit

Bad ideas seem to thrive when it comes to souvenirs and toys, and these pigs are just another example for that. We have no idea who decided to manufacture this figurine, but it is safe to say that it was not the best possible idea.

4. Someone messed up pretty bad

Image Source: Reddit

Voodoo dolls are creepy and there’s nothing that could change our mind about that. We have no idea if they have an actual effect, but seeing one is enough to give us at least some anxiety. The one pictured here was obviously made for someone who really messed up.

5. Well, this is awkward

Image Source: Reddit

There is no doubt that relationship could be strange sometimes, but this here is a whole new level! This is just awkward and we guess that the person responsible for the message had no idea how it actually looks in the eyes of others.

6. Nobody could resist these tempting offers

Image Source: Reddit

As we all know, it’s all about the presentation. This person obviously learned that lesson, but there was an unexpected twist while applying it. Even if we assume that those feet were thoroughly washed before taking the photos, we would still pass on these items even if they were free.

7. This is not the brightest idea

test ad
Image Source: Reddit

We can see the reasons behind this build, but there is actually no reason that would be good enough to justify the existence of this bike. There is no practical side to it, either, because we all know how much a toilet weighs.

8. This is the stuff nightmares are made of

Image Source: Reddit

Looking at this doll is enough to disturb your sleep; now imagine putting it somewhere in your bedroom. Well, we wouldn’t do that even if we got paid to do it. The doll looks very unnatural with that bulky body, and the facial expression does not seem to be very nice as well.

9. If you think that drawing a simple duck is easy, you’re wrong

Image Source: Reddit

Just take a look at this plate for reference – it was supposed to be a cute yellow duckling, but it looks more like a baby dinosaur or some other unfortunate creature. This plate was probably a one-off handcrafted piece, and that’s the way it should be.

10. If you love your kids, do not give them toys like this one

Image Source: Reddit

Just look at this thing; it is the definition of ‘creepy’. Maybe all the horror movies we watched over the years took their toll and we see scary stuff in places we shouldn’t, but we think that nobody would find this clown to be cute or friendly-looking.

11. This would make an impression, all right

Image Source: Imgur

The more you look at this ad, the more you begin to question people’s sanity. There must be a very good reason for someone to build this, and the fact that it features a gemstone does not make this item desirable.

12. That’s not dinosaur meat

Image Source: Reddit

What you see here is most likely some nipples on that bacon, which is strange, because they shouldn’t be on that side. The manufacturer should have just trimmed that part before packaging it. However, if we imagine that it was our bacon we would just trim off the nipples and carry on with cooking the meat.

13. This looks like anything but massaging a mate

Image Source: Imgur

Nope, it is not a joke. This is an actual cover. The unbelievable photo that these people chose for it looks like a freeze frame from an adult movie from the 80s, and the weird way this couple looks gives us anxiety. If the music is anything like the cover, we would never want to listen to it.

Written by Nick Martin

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