Top 17 Of The Most Curious Items People Found And Shared Online

Image Source: Reddit

Nobody can say that they have seen it all! The world is not as big as we imagine it to be, but it is still big enough to offer so many things to see that nobody could see it all in one lifetime. This is way people can always see things they never did before, and internet certainly helps with that! Many users share different objects they stumble across and a lot of these things are new to the majority of people who see them. The list below is full of such items and chances are that most of you have never seen them before, too. For example, we have never seen the pizza scissors pictured above.

1. Someone received this as a gift and a card wishing them success in finding what it was

Image Source: Reddit

It turned out that it is a tool used to shape meatballs!

2. This looks like a vase but it is not

Image Source: Pikabu

This is actually a container which was used to collect cut hair. It was later used as pillow stuffing.

3. This belonged to someone’s grandpa

Image Source: Reddit

It is a simple device used to put cork caps on bottles.

4. Here is an unlikely accessory

Image Source: Facebook

This thing is used to suspend a man’s shirt so it would look perfect all the time.

5. This is actually a knife

Image Source: Reddit

This is the strangest knife we have ever seen! It is used to cut croissant dough in the right shape.

6. This is not a torture device

Image Source: Pikabu

This looks menacing but it is actually used to easily get the pulp out of a coconut

7. Here is one unlikely accessory

Image Source: Pikabu

This strange device was used by gentlemen a century ago to hang their gloves.

8. Someone bought this in Belgium

Image Source: Reddit

It looks like scissors but it is actually a medical device dating from the 19th century.

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9. Someone found a strange tool in their grandma’s silverware

Image Source: Reddit

It was meant to be used to push food on the fork or the spoon.

10. This looks like a dentist’s tool

Image Source: Pikabu

However, it is not. It is actually a bookmark and it is super cool! We want one.

11. Someone wondered what this is and his wife explained it

Image Source: Pikabu

Hair straighteners come in a kit which also features this kind of gloves.

12. Here is something we have never seen before.

Image Source: Pikabu

These are popular in Catalonia. The device is a simple wine vessel and we like how it looks.

13. Someone was given this as a gift

Image Source: Reddit

The person wondered what it was and it turned out to be a wine coaster meant to sit on the bottleneck.

14. This is not an ordinary key

Image Source: Reddit

It is actually a lockpick and if you find it near your home, you better be careful and watch out.

15. Someone inherited this by their grandfather

Image Source: Pikabu

The wooden device was used to beat the laundry after washing!

16. Here is one of the strangest things we have seen lately

Image Source: Reddit

It looks weird but it is a rehabilitation machine meant to support people recovering from injuries.

17. This is one really strange device

Image Source: Reddit

It looks weird but it has a simple function. It is used to spread flour or powdered sugar while cooking.

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