Top 3 Awesome Lifehacks That Will Change Your Life


No.1 Always delete your website browser cookies and cache before you start booking airplane tickets


Some airline companies have developed software that tracks the traffic on their websites. They also differentiate the types of customers that are regular from the new ones and offer different ticket prices to both groups. It’s not just that but Mac users are pushed to even higher prices.
Therefore if you want to get the best ticket offer online make sure you simply use your browser’s incognito mode or delete the cookies.

No. 2 You can separate egg yolks like a master by using a simple empty plastic bottle.


By just using the simplest method to separate egg yolks you can make your cooking much less time consuming. You just need an empty bottle, a couple of eggs and a plate. You then break the eggs in the plate and use the vacuum created by the bottle to suck inside the egg yolk. Fast and easy!


No. 3 When camping strap a head light or a small flashlight on a bottle of water inside your tent.


Instead of worrying the burning fire you have set will attract those vicious predators while you are camping in the forest, you can simply use a transparent bottle of water and strap a head light on it. This way you will fill your tent with ambient light and make your camping experience wonderful.


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