Top 4 Signs Of A Haunted House


Skeptics would probably disagree but there are plenty of people who claim to have witnessed some paranormal activities taking place in their homes. The following are a definite indication of something weird going on.


1. Sounds of footsteps

You are probably very brave if this doesn’t scare you at least a tiny bit. Footsteps heard in a particular place in a house or sounds of feet on wooden floor on an actually carpeted one….Quite bizarre, to say the least.

2. Doors that open by themselves

The screeching sound of a door that slowly opens to reveal that there is actually no one there is a great opening scene, although perhaps a bit cliche, of any horror movie. However, if you witness that in your own house it might send you running out the door regardless of how brave you are otherwise.


3. Cold spots

If you regularly feel cold at a particular spot in your house, although the air conditioning is working properly, it might be a sign of some odd activity going on in there.

4. Dressers and drawers heard opening and closing in empty rooms

Imagine being alone in your house when you suddenly hear a dresser opening in the next, supposedly, empty room. Now that should be a definite sign of something paranormal taking place in your home.


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