Top 5 Criminals Who Got Caught Thanks To Their Stupidity

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According to G.K. Cheserton, an english writer, the detective is only critic and the creative artist is the criminal. In their attempt to commit a crime, there are those who fail because of their own foolishness. You can take a look on these 5 criminals, who are caught thanks to their dumbness. They absolutely are everything else but creative artists.

1. In 2013, the owner of a restaurant told the two criminals who tried to stole money from him to come back in an hour. They were caught by the police and arrested when they come back after an hour.

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Mario Garcia, 39, and Domingo Garcia-Hernandez,28, got into a West Rogers Park restaurant and asked for food in August 2013. After the owner told them he was very busy, Garcia Hernandez tried to scare him, saying he had a gun and would kill him. The big man who weighs 160 pounds and is 4′ 8″ tall also showed a part of the gun, which covered with a red T-shirt under his jacket. Surprisingly they left after the owner asked them to come back after an hour.

As soon as they left the restaurant on that late Sunday night, the owner called the police. Unawares after one hour the duo returned in the premises with a baseball bat. As you can guess they were arrested by the police and also accused of aggravated robbery. After the unsuccessful attempt, while checking the suspects’ apartment, the police found the “weapon”, which was a water pistol toy.

2. In an attempt to hide in the nearby building after grabbing the cell phone of a woman, Chinese thief faced a police station.

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Chang, which is the surname of the criminal had just arrived in Shenzen – China’s Guangdong Province and didn’t know the neighborhood. After snatched a woman’s phone, the suspect crossed the traffic and entered a building that was actually a police station. The brave act of a woman who started chasing the thief, and after stumbles she continues to follow the criminal, takes her to the police station. There, she calls for help and he is arrested by a police officer.

3. Mohammad Ashan – the Taliban commander, thinking he will be rewarded with $100 from a wanted poster featuring his face he turned himself to the police and got arrested.

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Image Source: DailyMail.Co.Uk

Turning himself in for a $100 rewarding, the Taliban commander, Mohhamad Ashan proved himself as the dumbest terrorist in the world. This happened in 2012 in Praktika Province, when the insurgent went to a police checkpoint in Sar Howza with a wanted poster feauturing his face and asking for the reward. The commander who misunderstood the “wanted” meaning was aressted on the spot by the officers.

According the biometric checks, the arrested man was exactly the insurgent who U.S. officers had been looking for. Suspected of at least 2 of the attacks against the forces of Afghan, the terrorist answered with enthusiasm “Yes” at the question, asked by SPC Matthew wheter is that him on the picture.

4. A man with a blue ski mask tries to rob a Radio Shack store where he works with a pepper spray and a stun gun. In the end he was arrested after tasing himself and back to work.

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The incident happend at Sunset Point Road in Florida in 2014. Andre T. Puskas tried to rob the Radio Shack – store where he worked. With a ski mask on his head he entered the store in 9:30 a.m. with a stun gun and pepper spray in his hands. Andre pepper-sprayed the employee who tried to move because was dropped on the floor. When the woman ran he tried to use a taser on her but at least he tased his own hand. Not long after he ran away the store and throwed the mask into the garbage.

As soon as he returned for work on his schedule at 4 p.m. he was arrested. After that he admitted the officers the attempted robbery.

5. A ran out of gas in stolen truck made its thief calling 911. He was caught.

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In 2009 a 1985 Chevrolet truck was stolen from a 19 year old Tacoma man from City Transfer, Inc – storage yard
An employee witnessed the incident and informed the police. The truck was spotted on Highway 167 the same day at about 13.30 by another employee who saw a man inside and immediately called 911. Not long after this call a guy called the police and said his truck is out of gas on the same highway.

When the officers went to the spot the thief was wearing a green reflective jacket with City transfer name on it as a prove he was worked there. For Tacoma man’s misfortune the employee who is a witness came at the spot and identified him as the man he saw earlier the same day at the stoage yard. The thief was arrested on the spot by the Washington State Patrol troopers. The officers and the City Transfer employess found out that instead of diesel as required, the man had filled the tank with unleaded gas which contributed to the stalled truck.

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